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The 8 best Nintendo Switch controllers in 2023

The best Nintendo Switch controllers available right now can advance your Switch gameplay and make it more fun. Find the right one for your needs below.

If you’re a Nintendo fan, there’s a good chance you’re going to be looking for the best Nintendo Switch controllers. After all, even the best Nintendo Switch games can be a chore to play if your joy-cons are drifting, or you’re using a controller that isn’t comfortable.

There’s a wide range of officially licensed and third-party Nintendo Switch controllers available, and that makes finding the right one tricky. Fortunately, we’ve been testing an array of different controllers to help you find the best option for you – whether you play handheld or dock the console. If you’re not sure where to start, find our advice on how to choose the best Nintendo Switch controller at the bottom of this guide.

To keep the list down, we’ve decided to focus on Nintendo-approved models, which are guaranteed to offer a quality experience, as well as being the coolest looking Switch controllers around. We’ve intentionally not included any joy-cons due to certain inconvenient design flaws, if you catch our drift?

There are Pokémon controllers, Mario controllers, Zelda controllers, and countless others. These Nintendo Switch Wireless controllers all look absolutely fantastic, and what’s more, they handle well too. Once you’ve found the perfect controller, check out the best free games for the Nintendo Switch.

These are the best Nintendo Switch controllers in 2023:

A Nintendo Switch Pro controller against a lime green background

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The best Switch controller overall

The best Switch controller for most players will be the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Why? Because it can support all the key features of using a Switch – like NFC and motion controls – and it has a long-lasting battery so that you can go longer between charges. The controller is also comfortable to hold for long periods of gameplay.

On the downside, the analog sticks feel a bit cheap (for the price) and don’t offer much grip. The controller also doesn’t have a headphone input, which some players think should be standard.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is beloved by users, though, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon from more than 43,000 reviews! It’s more expensive compared to most unofficial controllers, but we think it’s worth the money as it gives you the full Switch experience.

Best Nintendo Switch controllers: image shows an 8-bit Mario on a grey Switch controller.

2. PowerA Enhanced wireless controller

An affordable wireless Switch controller

Few things in the gaming world are as iconic as Mario’s sprite from the 1985 NES classic, Super Mario Bros. Indeed, for many people, this could represent the entirety of the video game landscape. If you fancy having that proud emblem on your Switch controller, then we recommend you grab this controller. It’s a great way to reflect your love of Mario, Nintendo, and retro gaming.

Best Nintendo Switch controllers - image shows a controller featuring Metroid Dread artwork.

3. PowerA Enhanced Wired Switch Controller

Metroid Dread was the first completely new 2D Metroid game since 2002, so it’s easy to see why this game was quite so appealing to so many gamers. A whole new generation has fallen in love with Samus and the Metroid series. If you’re one of those people, you can get this awesome white Switch controller which features a flashy piece of artwork showing Samus in her armour.

Best Nintendo Switch controllers - image shows a controller featuring Zelda artwork, alongside Ganon attacking Hyrule Castle.

4. Blood Moon Zelda Enhanced Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (one of the best Switch exclusives), completely revolutionised the Zelda series, and gave us a new and distinctive portrayal of the princess herself. While she appeared in several flashbacks in Breath of the Wild, fans really got a chance to get to know her in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Anyway, this controller not only features a fantastic image of Zelda herself, but also depicts Hyrule Castle under the influence of Ganon.

Best Nintendo Switch controllers - image shows a controller featuring Kirby artwork,

5. Kirby Enhanced Wired Nintendo Switch Controller

The best cheap Nintendo Switch Controller

In the advent of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the iconic pink puffball seems to have reached new heights of popularity. Understandably, many fans are keen to get Kirby Switch controllers, and that’s exactly what it is. Along with a piece of Kirby artwork, you’ve also got the series’ logo and lots of vibrant colours. It’ll be well at home in many a fan’s collection.

This controller is around half the price of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and

Best Nintendo Switch controllers: image shows a controller with a picture of a Pikachu eating an Oran berry.

6. Oran Berrry Pikachu Enhanced Wired Nintendo Switch Controller

This controller depicts Game Freak’s most iconic creation to date – the one and only Oran Berry, which made its debut in 2002’s Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. Oh, wait, we mean, Pikachu. Pikachu is Game Freak’s most iconic creation. The artwork on this controller is adorable, because it shows our favourite electric mouse about to tuck into a berry, along with the word ‘Pikachu’ written in a beautifully stylised font.

Best Nintendo Switch controllers: image shows a Switch controller with a picture of Tom Nook on it.

7. Tom Nook Enhanced Wired Nintendo Switch Controller

With each new game, Tom Nook’s empire seems to grow. Originally he was just a simple shopkeeper who handled a little bit of real estate on the side, now he’s someone who polishes up desert islands for cash – presumably so he can sell them on to billionaires looking for a remote getaway. Next thing you know, he’s going to try and buy Twitter. Anyway, this controller uses very gentle colours and features a cute piece of Tom Nook art, alongside the Animal Crossing logo.

Best Nintendo Switch controllers: image shows a Switch controller with a picture of Crash Bandicoot on it.

8. Quantum Crash Enhanced Wired Nintendo Switch Controller

Crash Bandicoot has been a 3D platforming icon since the 1990s, but the Nintendo Switch is the first Nintendo console to really give fans a chance to play his most popular outings (not that he hasn’t had good games on other Nintendo consoles). This controller features some wonderfully unique Crash Bandicoot artwork, and we’re sure that many fans will want to get their hands on this controller.

How to choose the best Nintendo Switch controller for you

Wired or wireless: You’ll need to choose between getting a wired or Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller. Wired versions include a 10ft (3m) USB cable to connect your Switch, whereas wireless versions give you more freedom to move around while playing and remove clutter.

Battery: Wireless controllers will need charging after about 40 hours of playtime, but check the expected capacity of any charger you buy as some are less than this.

Price: Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers chargers are usually more expensive – something to think about if your budget is limited.

Size: Nintendo Switch Controllers come in several sizes. For children or those with smaller hands, it might be best to buy a compact controller, whereas adults and big-handed players will want a normal size.

And that covers the best Nintendo Switch controllers you can get. If you’re looking for more Switch content, check out our guide on upcoming Switch games, which is sure to get you excited.