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Upcoming Switch games for 2023 and beyond

Plenty of new Switch games are on their way, but if you want a full list here are all the upcoming Switch games coming to Nintendo's console in 2022 and beyond

Upcoming Switch games: Several pikmin characters stand as a group in Pikmin 4

What are the upcoming Switch games? If you’re a huge Nintendo fan, you’ll no doubt know that there are plenty of upcoming Switch games on the horizon.

Nintendo isn’t letting up either – with every new Direct, we find ourselves adding yet more upcoming Switch games to the list. Prepare your wishlist, because we’re about to walk you through all the new Switch games you can expect to get your hands on soon. Who knows, maybe some of them will even make our list of the best Nintendo Switch games.

New Switch games

With an ever-increasing backlog, the idea of new triple-A games for the Switch is a terrifying prospect, but we promise you there are some bangers on the horizon.

Here are all the upcoming Switch games on the horizon with confirmed release dates.

April 2023

  • Afterimage – April 25
  • Strayed Lights – April 25
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed DLC – April 25
  • Bramble: The Mountain King – April 27

May 2023

June 2023

  • Killer Frequency – June 1
  • MotoGP 23 – June 8

July 2023

  • Incessant – July 2
  • Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – July 12
  • Pikmin 4 – July 21
  • Hogwarts Legacy – July 25
  • Disney Illusion Island – July 28
  • Aria’s Melody – July 31

August 2023

September 2023

  • Chants of Sennaar – September 5
  • Mineko’s Night Market – September 26

So there you have it, all the upcoming Switch games coming to the console in 2022 and beyond.