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Lego 2K Drive release date, gameplay, modes

Get an idea of the Lego 2K Drive release date, as well as what you can expect from the different gameplay modes, and racing action on offer.

Lego 2K Drive Release Date: A vehicle can be seen

When is the Lego 2K Drive release date? This long-rumoured racing game is now public knowledge and we have a great idea of just what it will offer as one of the first Lego games to not be developed by TT Games in a long while.

But, what can you expect from the latest Lego game hoping to join the list of best racing games? Below, you can find a rundown of just what we have seen on the title in terms of Lego 2K Drive gameplay footage, as well as when you can play it for yourself.

Lego 2K Drive release date

The Lego 2K Drive release date is May 19, 2023, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will also launch three days earlier with early access for those that purchase one of the special editions of the game.

This LEGO game is developed by Visual Concepts, known for the WWE 2K and NBA 2K series. The May release is rather soon, putting it at less than two months after when the game was announced.

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Lego 2K Drive story

The Lego 2K Drive story will see you attempt to win the Sky Cup Trophy, a highly prestigious and coveted award in Bricklandia that almost all citizens want to earn.

Players will have to take on the reigning Sky Cup Champion, as well as other rivals, as the story takes you across various Lego 2K Drive maps.

Lego 2K Drive gameplay

Lego 2K Drive gameplay has been revealed in a number of previews for the game. With a campaign mode alongside online multiplayer and a shared world, you can fully build your own vehicles brick by brick, racing with them.

These vehicles seamlessly transition between boat, off-road, and on-road vehicles depending on the course and have different handling on each terrain. Also, there’s also Lego 2K Drive crossplay available, meaning you can play with friends on other platforms. Unless you’re on Nintendo Switch, that is.

You can see some of the gameplay in the previews below:

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YouTube Thumbnail

That is what we know about the Lego 2K Drive release date, ahead of the game’s official release. After a lot of rumours, this racing game is finally on the horizon and we couldn’t be more excited about how it looks. For even more on top racing games, check out our list of the best PS5 racing games and the best Xbox racing games.