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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release date, story, gameplay

Find out when you can play Team Reptile's Jet Set Radio spiritual successor and what you have in store as you explore the cityscape.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: A character can be seen

When is the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release date? After a long wait for this classic-inspired title, Team Reptile is finally delivering its stylish adventure this year. And, if you are on Switch and PC you will be able to play first ahead of everyone else.

Announced a number of years ago, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio, with a colorful cityscape to explore and high-intensity gameplay. Bringing the style of the era of the game it’s inspired by to modern platforms, the title is looking to be one of the standout indie games of the year.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release date

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release date is set for August 18, 2023. The date was announced in the April 2023 Nintendo Indie World Direct and the game will release on PC and Nintendo Switch initially. However, after this, the game will come to other platforms, according to Team Reptile.

Originally, the game was supposed to release in 2022, however, in September 2022 it was delayed. Team Reptile said that the extra time was needed to “create a fulfilling and unique game”.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk story

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you play as Red, a graffiti writer who lost his head and instead has an AI robohead. In search of his roots, he has decided to join the Bomb Rush Crew, Tryce, and Bel. Their goal? To All City to discover who cut off Red’s head and to rediscover his human side linked to the graffiti world.

Throughout the game, you will meet a variety of new members who join your crew around the city and explore five distinct boroughs.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk gameplay

The gameplay of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk consists of rail grinding, skateboarding, and BMX-style tricks in the environment and city’s boroughs. Earning combos and bonuses for performing tricks back to back, incorporating Boost Tricks, and extending combos is key to succeeding.

You can get a glimpse of what is in store in this trailer below:

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