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The best free Nintendo Switch games 2024

Here are the best free Nintendo Switch games in 2024 that won’t cost you a thing, including Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Pokémon Quest.

Best Free Nintendo Switch Games 2024: An image of The Weeknd in Fortnite and Pikachu in Pokemon Quest.

There are plenty of titles when it comes best free Nintendo Switch games. Although many of the Nintendo Switch’s top games come with a price tag, there’s still an outstanding collection of free-to-play titles on offer. We’re surprised that some of these won’t cost you anything at all.

Given that they’re free, you might assume that these games aren’t up to the standard of some of the titles on our best Nintendo Switch games list. However, with bangers like Pokémon Quest, Fortnite, or Fallout Shelter, there are some iconic franchises and massively popular games that are bringing their A-game without charge to the Switch.

So, whether you’re looking to partake in some battle royale, fancy yourself as the fastest on the racetrack, or want to prove your arcade skills, there’s a little something for everyone on our best free Nintendo Switch games list. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a free game? Let’s jump into our list and see what titles you can download and play today.

Free Nintendo Switch games

Here are the 12 best free Nintendo Switch games in 2023:

Free Nintendo Switch games: PAthfinder in Apex Legends

Apex Legends

One of the best battle royale games on the market, Apex Legends stormed onto PC and consoles in 2019 and finally made an appearance, for free, on Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

This hero shooter from Titanfall developer, Respawn Entertainment, throws players onto the Frontier to fight in a 60-player battle to be the last one standing. There’s a whole host of legendary characters, all with unique abilities and weapons that can be levelled up to create the ultimate hero. If you were already playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, there’s no support for cross-progression, so you’ll have to start afresh or call it a clean slate. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: a menu screen in Pokemon Quest

Pokémon Quest

Welcome to Tumblecube Island, a realm where all your favourite Pokémon reside in a new, and frankly quite adorable, cube form. This action RPG allows you to take three Pokémon on your journey across the island, levelling up, battling, and collecting loot along the way.

Coined as a ‘free-to-start’ adventure by Nintendo, the game is free but the in-app purchases are not, such as items to decorate your Base Camp which will grant special effects for your team. But, you don’t have to buy them and you can simply enjoy the exploration of this colourful island and find lots of wonderful hidden treasures along the way. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: Vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

In 2015, Bethesda surprised Fallout fans with an iOS game that gave them control over their very own vault. The game was then ported to pretty much everywhere else, including the Switch.

While the Fallout series had previously focused on the barren nuclear wasteland outside the vault, this sim allows players to focus on the management of the vault inside; looking after your Dwellers, building new rooms, and making sure the whole community thrives. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: three characters from Fortnite


Another on the battle royale scene is the iconic 100-player lobbies of Fortnite. Unlike Apex Legends though, Fortnite allows for cross-progression, meaning you can carry over your stats from other consoles you might be playing on. With Fortnite Festival and LEGO Fortnite both available too, you can get your fix of Guitar Hero-style goodness and RPG chaos on the go.

Another great piece of news is that while you need a Nintendo Online subscription to play a lot of the Switch titles online, for Fortnite, you don’t. Of course, you’ll still need the internet. But, to get playing this free shooting game you can download it for free and get playing ASAP. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: Arena of Valor characters fight

Arena of Valor

This 5v5 MOBA experience from Tencent Games is only on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. Players take charge of over 100 fearless heroes such as mages, assassins, support, and tanks to build the ultimate team that can take down opponents in real-time battles.

There’s not a whole load of MOBA games to choose from on Nintendo Switch but Arena of Valor is an excellent choice and, of course, it’s free. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: several beans run to the finish line in Fall guys

Fall Guys

If you want bright colours, mayhem, and a party platformer that pits you against beans to be the last one (or squad) standing, then Fall Guys has everything you’re looking for.

In 2020, Fall Guys fast became a widely streamed game on PC and PlayStation 4. Epic Games later bought the rights to the game and made it free-to-play for all, as well as porting it onto a bunch of other consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout, in Fall Guys you tumble, jump, and leap your way through vibrant obstacles and a selection of mini-games to earn yourself (and your teammates) a crown and boasting rights. There are also plenty of Fall Guys skins to get your hands on in a free and paid capacity. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: s99 players fight it out in Tetris 99

Tetris 99

Tetris 99 takes the classic arcade game and spins it into the modern day by pitting players against 98 others in a real-time battle to see if your Tetris strategy can come out on top. The fast-paced tile matcher combines the usual concept with battle royale, giving players the ability to send garbage blocks to opponents when taking out two lines or more.

The more players you take out, the more badges you gain, meaning you can attack with higher power and execute your game plan to take down them all. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: characters in an icy tundra in Brawlhalla


Choose from over 55 playable characters to fight it out in this battle platformer from developer Blue Mammoth Games. In Brawlhalla, much like Super Smash Bros., you’re looking to knock your opponent off the stage enough times to be the last player standing.

With both local and online play, there are a bunch of different game modes to try from free-for-all, ranked matches, or invite-only in a private lobby. Playing online unlocks more Legends to play with, but there’s nine free-to-play characters in rotation each week, so plenty to try out. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: Kirby characters fight

Super Kirby Clash

Kirby spin-off, Super Kirby Clash, is another Nintendo exclusive bringing free-to-play multiplayer action to the Nintendo Switch. A whole team of Kirbys from Sword Hero to Hammer Lord to Doctor Healmore to Beam Mage all have a unique role to play in battling monsters and working their way through the main story quest.

You can also dive into party quest both locally and online and the more battles you win, the more medals, weapons, armor, and character enhancements you’ll unlock. There’s an in-game shop with paid for items, but if you don’t fancy spending a thing, then Super Kirby Clash won’t ask you to. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: a Warframe character crouches


This third-person shooter has been out since 2013 but it finally ported to Nintendo Switch in 2018. Set in a futuristic world, Warframe allows you to pick from over 50 different characters each with their own unique abilities to explore, fight, discover, and fly through huge landscapes across our solar system.

The ultimate goal of this sci-fi shooter is to protect the solar system, gather loot, and level up your character and weapons as high as you can go. Whether with friends, or alone. 

Free Nintendo Switch games: motorsports cars race around the corner in Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends

Finally, a free-to-play arcade racing game that brings real hypercars to the Switch. There are over 100 tracks to speed through, you can get behind the wheel of over 90 cars from manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, and you can race both offline and on with split-screen, local and online multiplayer all available.

Fancy jumping into a sports car and blazing across real-world locations from Rome to Buenos Aires to the Himalayas to name but a few? Asphalt 9: Legends is for you. 

Free Switch games: Rocket League cars representing Mario and Luigi.

Rocket League

Rocket League puts you in the seat of a rocket-powered car, not for racing, but for soccer. That’s right, Rocket League is an incredibly popular free-to-play car soccer game that boasts deep mechanics that will take quite some time to master.

If you’re up for a one-of-a-kind competitive car soccer experience, then you can’t go wrong with Rocket League. It helps that you can also play as the Batmobile and the DeLorean, among many other cars.

So there you have it, our full list of the best free Switch games to play right now. Of course, while these should keep you busy, there’s lots more on the horizon with Nintendo Switch exclusives and the full slate of upcoming Switch games, so keep your eyes peeled.