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Best PS5 controller deals 2024: top DualSense discounts

The best PS5 DualSense deals will put Sony's immersive and impressive controller into your hands for a cheaper price. Find the top discounts below.

PS5 DualSense controller deals: the DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers

The best PS5 controller deals make sure you’re getting the best possible price for the current-gen accessory. While the DualSense is generally around $70/£60, we’ve seen them go as low as $49/£40.

As one of the best PS5 accessories, the DualSense controller is one of our must-haves when it comes to enjoying the most immersive experience possible on Sony’s console. Thanks to its Adaptive Triggers and haptic feedback, the DualSense connects you to that PS5 exclusive game you’ve finally gotten around to playing on a physical level. Even taking third-party controllers into account, it’s one of the best PS5 controllers. While the PS5 comes with a DualSense in the box, picking up another will allow you to play the best PS5 games with friends, or get new colors.

But it’s not just deals on the standard DualSense you’ll find here. Sony’s answer to the Xbox Elite controller, the DualSense Edge, launched at the beginning of 2023 for $200/£210. And this pricier, premium option comes with intuitive controls and unrivaled personalization. The battery life on both models has traditionally left much to be desired but you can always keep one topped up in your charging station while getting your grind on with the other.

DualSense PS5 controller deals

Here are the currently running PS5 controller deals:

If you’re just after the bog-standard PS5 DualSense controller, then there are mouth-watering discounts in both the US and UK. The standard DualSense is one of the best controllers for the console, rivaled only by the premium Edge version:

In the US, there’s a deal to get $5 off your online order when you pick up in store, as well as a GameStop Pro Price deal on the DualSense Edge.

For fans of racing games like Gran Turismo 7, then there’s even sales on Thrustmaster racing wheels for PS5, including the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel and pedals. Sure, it’s not your everyday controller, but these can massively enhance your immersion in already stellar racing games.

In the US, you can get 12% off the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller and the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset bundle. If you’re in the market for a new controller and headset, then you can’t go wrong with this PS5 controller deal. The Pulse 3D headset is among the best PS5 headsets, and this bundle lets you get both the headset and controller for a great price, especially with the currently active deal.

In the UK, there is currently an EA Sports FC 24 bundle that saves you £20 for the pair. So, fans of one of the best football games really can’t do any better than this.

Is the DualSense Edge worth it?

While the PS5 DualSense Edge is a phenomenal controller, it isn’t worth its $200/£210 price tag in most use cases. When it comes to popping off in the best FPS games like MW3, the DualSense Edge provides exactly what it’s named to do, in that it gives you a competitive edge over your opponents. However, for pretty much every other genre, such as the best RPG games or the best racing games, the basic DualSense provides more than enough immersion for your needs, at a fraction of the cost.

However, the DualSense Edge has a lot to love, including replaceable stick modules. Thanks to this controller-saving feature, you can easily replace your sticks yourself if one breaks due to wear and tear, or stick drift starts to develop. Before, this would require complex controller surgery, or a brand new controller to be purchased, leaving you out of pocket. While the modules do cost $20/£20 apiece, it’s a bargain when compared to buying a controller brand-new.

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When you mix this with other highlight features such as adjustable trigger lengths, as well as complete button remapping, and even stick sensitivity and dead zone adjustments at an OS level, the Edge really does stand out as an enthusiast’s dream. Of course, it’s still far more expensive than even Xbox’s Elite controller, and we’d always recommend holding out for a deal if possible. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to really see any major discounts on the DualSense Edge, though we’re hoping to see a drop occur when the Black Friday PlayStation deals arrive.

And that’s our rundown of the best PS5 controller deals. With a brand new DualSense at hand, you’ll be fully prepared to take on all the new PS5 games that are on the horizon. Have fun!