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Killing Floor 3 release date speculation, gameplay, and latest news

After years and years of waiting, the Killing Floor 3 release date is on the way, setting us up for even more intense co-op horde shooter action.

Killing Floor 3 release date: A monster screaming at the camera.

When is the Killing Floor 3 release date? It’s been over seven years since the last entry in the Killing Floor series and fans have been clamoring for more. Well, that time has finally come with the official reveal of KF3. So, here’s everything you need to know about Killing Floor 3, including the Killing Floor 3 release date and more.

With how popular the Killing Floor series is, news of a sequel is sure to delight fans that have waited for a very, very long time. Nevertheless, KF3 could be one of the best FPS games when it comes out if it builds upon the intense and gruesome action of the previous entries.

Killing Floor 3 release date speculation

The Killing Floor 3 release date is yet to be revealed, though we expect it to arrive in late 2024 at the earliest, given its announcement in August, 2023, at Gamescom. It will release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Set in 2091, 70 years after the events in Killing Floor 2, the Megacorporation Horzine has produced an army of obedient bioengineered monstrosities called “Zeds.” You play as the rebel group Nightfall, the only group standing between this grotesque army and the future of humanity.

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Killing Floor 3 gameplay

We’ve only seen a short snippet of Killing Floor 3 gameplay so far, but the short reveal trailer did give us an idea of what’s in store. No doubt, KF3 will maintain the series’ excellent and bombastic horde-based combat, but refine it and add new features that up the ante.

Given the massive army of bioengineered monsters, we’re expecting to see even more intense hordes and possibly even different environments, as the reveal trailer showcased more sci-fi settings. Likewise, the game looks even more visceral than its predecessors, with stellar visuals and gruesome enemy design utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

And that covers everything we know about the game ahead of the Killing Floor 3 release date. We’ve no doubt that KF3 will quickly become one of the best games for fans of co-op horde shooters.