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Starfield Hero Worshipped trait explained

Find out everything there is to know about the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait and the Adoring Fan, including how to find the Adoring Fan companion.

Starfield Hero Worshipped: The Adoring Fan against a blurred background of space.

What is the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait? Towards the start of the game, you’ll be greeted by the character creator, and one of the first big choices to make is what traits you’d like to pick. This is where the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait comes into play, with a seemingly stellar trait offering free loot. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Hero Worshipped in Starfield so you can decide whether you want this trait or not.

Starfield’s Hero Worshipped trait might not be one of the best Starfield traits when it comes to combat – so don’t expect it to feature in the best Starfield builds – though that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, this trait can be a great choice if you’re not quite sure what other traits to pick. We’ve had the Adoring Fan tag along on numerous adventures during our Starfield review process.

Starfield Hero Worshipped trait explained

The Starfield Hero Worshipped trait will give you access to the Adoring Fan crew member that will randomly give you gifts. The Adoring Fan can accompany you while exploring and be assigned to an outpost or ship.

The Adoring Fan comes with the following skills:

  • Scavenging 1
  • Concealment 1
  • Weight Lifting 2

These are by no means the best Starfield skills to have for an adventuring companion, but that doesn’t mean the Adoring Fan and the Hero Worshipped trait is useless. With two points in Weight Lifting, the Adoring Fan can make a good pack-mule if you’re low on inventory space. Moreover, they’re also a very entertaining character in dialogue, often interjecting conversations, and the gifts can be a good treat.

Starfield Hero Worshipped: The in-game explanation of the Hero Worshipped trait during character creation.

There are certainly better Starfield companions and Starfield crew members, including Starfield’s Sarah Morgan, but if you’re looking for a trait with no drawbacks, Hero Worshipped is just that. Unlike other traits which offer both a benefit and a downside, Hero Worshipped simply gives you access to this special companion. If you happen to find their incessant jabbering annoying, then you can instead assign them to your Starfield ships or Starfield outposts so you don’t have to interact with them. Be aware though that, given their skills, the Adoring Fan won’t add much to your crew, even when paired with the best Starfield ships.

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Where to find the Adoring Fan location in Starfield

To find the Adoring Fan from the Hero Worshipped trait, keep exploring the game until they randomly spawn and interact with you. That’s right, the Adoring Fan finds you.

With this trait, at random points in the game, the Adoring Fan will appear and attempt to interact with you. Here, you can decide how to proceed, either assigning him to your crew or rejecting him.

Is the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait worth it?

Overall, there are much better traits in Starfield than Hero Worshipped when it comes to combat and exploration, such as Alien DNA, Wanted, and Introvert/Extrovert. With that said, it’s a great pick if you’re on the fence about picking any traits to begin with, as Hero Worshipped does not come with any downsides.

Though the Adoring Fan could be considered annoying, they are a free companion and will occasionally give you gifts. Much like the Kid Stuff trait, these gifts can occasionally come in handy, though don’t expect him to hand out the powerful Starfield unique weapons like candy; you’ll need to earn those. So, whether you’re struggling to pick a third trait or not sure whether to even pick one, Hero Worshipped is definitely one to consider.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait and the Adoring Fan companion. With him by your side, why not join the Starfield Crimson Fleet, the Starfield UC Vanguard, or any of the other Starfield factions for some amusing interactions with this companion?

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