All Lies of P bosses so far

Get an overview of all the the Lies of P bosses that have been revealed and you will take on when playing on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

Lies of P Bosses: The Scrapped Watchman can be seen

There are many Lies of P bosses awaiting you in Krat, all of which are ready to bring your journey to an end. Like every other Soulslike, there’s a variety of bosses on offer, meaning it’s not often that you come across two of the same (unless you’re playing Dark Souls or Elden Ring). As such, you need to know all you can about them individually to give yourself the best chance of defeating them.

Given the Lies of P release date is just around the corner for PS5, Xbox, and PC you might also want to know all about Lies of P’s best weapons, so you can survive your time in Krat and take on these bosses. There are a fair few weapons to familiarize yourself with and they can have a huge impact on the Lies of P boss fights and how easy you find it.

Lies of P boss list

The list of Lies of P bosses is:

  • Parade Master
  • Mad Donkey
  • Scrapped Watchman

We have details on each boss below, and we’ll offer tips and tricks on how to beat them as we best the bosses ourselves from our Lies of P gameplay preview.

Lies of P Bosses: The Parade Master can be seen

Parade Master

The Parade Master awaits you at Krat Central Station and is the first boss you come across. Though the enemies of Krat are already testing your skill this early in the game, things go up a notch in this boss fight, though his slams and sweep attacks are avoidable with some practice.

Unfortunately, this puppet does move with considerable speed, certainly more than you might expect, given its size. Luckily for you, this is exploitable. If you accustom yourself to dodging, you can avoid its attacks and dash in for some counterstrikes, as it frequently leaves itself open following its own offense.

Lies of P Bosses: The player can be seen fighting the Parade Master

When the Parade Master loses roughly one-third of his health, it enters its second phase, which is a bit more aggressive than the first phase of the fight. However, your strategy remains the same: wait for it to charge forward and strike, then back away as it goes for another swipe, and then charge in to attack it. You need to keep an eye on its movements. For instance, three steps forward in this phase means its about to unleash a huge, sweeping attack. If you get out of range and dash in for a counter, you can dish some good damage.

You just need to rinse and repeat until the Parade Master is down. Like with most Soulslike bosses, you need to try and avoid being too greedy. We can attest to this, as near the end of the fight, we ended up dying when we got too greedy, ending what was otherwise a fairly clean boss battle.

Lies of P Bosses: The Mad Donkey can be seen

Mad Donkey

The Mad Donkey is a humanoid figure that awaits you on Elysion Boulevard, making him the second boss in the Lies of P demo. This boss is a great test for what awaits you in the game and may even teach you a thing or two about how you fight. Just like Lady Maria or Ghermain fights in Bloodborne with a moveset similar to the hunter, the Mad Donkey has a similar move set to Pinocchio.

However, he doesn’t have much finesse and just hopelessly to swing his weapon about. A bit of patience and dodging means victory is well within your grasp. When he goes for an overhead swing, that’s the perfect time to skirt around him and give him a trusty backstab. Rinse and repeat throughout the fight, and victory is yours.

Lies of P Bosses: The player can be seen fighting the Mad Donkey

Of course, if that doesn’t feel honorable and you’d rather tackle the Mad Donkey head-on, you just need to keep your finger on the dodge button and only go for quick swings with your own weapon. Going for a combo can leave you open to a counterattack. Until the full game releases, we can’t be sure, but we imagine enemies like the Mad Donkey may appear as regular enemies rather than bosses as you progress through the game.

Lies of P Bosses: The Scrapyard Watchman can be seen

Scrapped Watchman

In Krat City Hall, you can find the third and final boss from the Lies of P demo, the Scrapped Watchman. It’s time for you to lay down the law with this policeman puppet, though this one is considerably bigger than the cops you face on your way here. The first thing you might take notice of is the antennas going down its back, these add electricity damage to its attacks.

When it comes to landing attacks against the Scrapped Watchman, you need to be light on your toes and have a bit of patience. This boss favors extended sweeps and charge attacks giving him a wide berth for attacks. We suggest you keep yourself just out of reach and dash in for damage after it charges at you.

Lies of P Bosses: The player can be seen fighting the Scrapyard Watchman

If you get lucky, the boss may leap into the air. If you manage to move out of the way and avoid being staggered by it, you can rush in and land a full combo instead of just a couple of hits. This is what you should aim for throughout the second phase, too. Unlike some bosses, the Scrapped Watchman doesn’t get any new attacks of note, but those antennas come into play, electrifying the boss and its attacks.

Furthermore, while you’re likely to be able to avoid its charge and jump attacks with ease at this point, lighting reigns down on the area periodically throughout the remainder of the fight, so you need to keep a close eye on your surroundings. If the lightning gets you, not only do you take damage, you lose a chance to get some hits in.

With that, you know what you need to know about the Lies of P bosses, including the ones from the Lies of P demo. Fighting them may seem like a challenge at first, but Lies of P’s best weapons can give you an advantage.