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Best Lies of P weapons and how to get them

Finding out all the best Lies of P weapons, how to get them, and the strongest weapon combos, is a great boon in this tough Soulslike on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Best Lies of P weapons: P standing holding Ergo in his left hand, set against a blurred background of gameplay, with several weapons around him.

What are the best Lies of P weapons? There are many armaments that you can find as you progress through the game. While each one offers unique benefits in combat, there are a select few that are truly beneficial in your campaign. Our best Lies of P weapons guide discusses our top picks that you can acquire during your adventure and how to get them, as well as a long list of all the weapons in the game.

As we learned during our Lies of P review playthrough, its grim world hides many dangers, and you’ll need all the weapons you can get to emerge victorious. In fact, Lies of P is actually on the harder end of the genre, making the notoriously tricky gameplay even more challenging with some brutal Lies of P bosses. As such, take note of other parts of your loadouts, such as the best Lies of P Legion Arms and the best Lies of P builds. It’s all-but necessary just so you can reach the Lies of P endings in one piece.

Best Lies of P weapons

The best Lies of P weapons are:

Note that this list is primarily based on what each armament offers by default. While boss weapons cannot be disassembled, all other weapons can have their respective blades and handles combined. Likewise, handles can even be altered to change their stat scaling. These mechanics can be accessed by interacting with a Stargazer or by talking to Eugenie in Hotel Krat. As such, you’ll be able to mix and match to have a gear piece that’s fine-tuned to your play style.

Yes, that means you can have the handle of one of the best weapons and the blade of another, though that won’t necessarily make it an upgrade; you could end up with a Frankenstein weapon with terrible handling and stats. The creativity and experimentation in this system is part of the fun though, and it’s one of the many reasons why it’s one of the best Soulslike games.

You’ll need to think about what each part provides to your overall build. Nevertheless, the Lies of P weapons we’ve listed above are the best items when considering their standard configuration.

Lies of P Best Weapons: A person can be seen

Puppet Saber

Among the best Lies of P weapons, the Puppet Saber is one that’s obtained early in the campaign. Thus, it’ll serve you well for most of your early-game adventure. Its reach is comparable to that of the Greatsword of Fate, another starting weapon. The key difference is that its speed is faster, and its charge attack has a longer reach.

Given how fast certain enemies and bosses can be, being able to get an attack or two in between their attack animations can make a big difference. This is especially useful if you’re someone that often over-commits to attacks, as heavier weapons have a much longer windup animation.

It’s basic handle, Concentrate, is also a strong starting skill. Letting you increase your damage on command, it’s a great way to press the attack against challenging foes like bosses without having to upgrade your weapon or switch to a heavier, slower weapon.

Overall, the Puppet Saber is a slick starting weapon, with great damage early on that will get you through the early stages comfortable.

  • Location #1: Campaign start – Received as a starting weapon if you pick Path of the Cricket – Balance.
  • Location #2: Cerasani Square – Purchased from the merchant for 300 Ergo.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity C and Technique C.
  • Blade skill: Storm Slash – Slash enemies in front of you multiple times.
  • Handle skill: Concentrate – Temporarily increase your attack.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen with the weapon fighting something

Electric Coil

The Electric Coil is quite viable simply because of the Generate skill. With this mace imbued with electricity, you can zap most puppets with ease. During Chapter 2 and 3, having the Electric Coil by your side will be very valuable indeed as you can easily stagger larger puppet enemies thanks to it’s electric damage.

While it does have very limited range and a rather slow attack speed that will deter some players, the added effects of electricity really help it shine during certain sections of the game. Just be aware that electricity is only effective against puppets; other enemy types require different elements to take down efficiently.

  • Location: Elysion Boulevard – Enter the house with the Stargazer and buy it from the merchant in the small room.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity C, Technique D, and Advance B.
  • Blade skill: Generate – Greatly increases Electric Blitz attack temporarily.
  • Handle skill: Rush Smash – Jump and strike downward at an enemy.

The blade comes with the Generate effect which enhances the Electric Blitz attack effect temporarily, letting you stay on the offensive and stun puppets quicker.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen fighting with the weapon

Booster Glaive

The Booster Glaive has decent reach, and its sweeping arcs can cleave through multiple enemies. Its best feature, though, is its charge attack, which causes your character to lunge forward and strike. This is viable especially if a target’s stagger meter has appeared, and you need to close the distance. Likewise, if you’ve just dodged backwards to avoid an attack, you can use this charge attack to get right back in with some heavy damage. Seriously, we can’t understate how helpful this charge attack was during our playthrough.

Overall, the added range of the Booster Glaive compared to most other weapons was much appreciated while also dealing great damage. If you’d like to experiment with swapping blades and handles, we highly recommend giving this weapon a look as the Booster Glaive handle is a great pairing for nearly any other blade. Want a Flame Dagger with absurd reach? Attach it to the Booster Glaive handle to get a flaming spear! Do greatswords feel too clunky but you like the extra damage? Stick on the Booster Glaive handle to close the gap with the charge attack. It really is incredible the kind of combinations you can make, though the standard Booster Glaive is already superb.

  • Location: Workshop Union – Make your way to the factory until you spot a canal that’s overflowing with acid, which causes the Corruption debuff. The chest is at the end of the canal, but it’s guarded by a Puppet of the Future miniboss. You can drain the acid later in the level to make this battle easier.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity D and Technique B.
  • Blade skill: Storm Slash – Rush forward and slash multiple times.
  • Handle skill: Patient Slash – Gather your strength for a powerful slash attack; hold the attack button for a stronger attack.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen fighting with the weapon

Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger

We feel that the Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger is one of the best Lies of P weapons of them all due to its blazingly fast attack speed and critical strike rate. The third stab in the combo chain even does two hits. These factors are immensely helpful, especially when you’re up against bosses that have fast attack animations.

If you’re a fan of a more agile playstyle, especially one that can sneak a few attacks in even the smallest of attack windows, then the Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger should be on your radar.

  • Location: Hotel Krat – Be on the lookout for Venigni Collection items, special boxes that add new items to Pulcinella’s inventory. One of the extra weapons that he sells is the Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity D and Technique B.
  • Blade skill: Grind – Increases critical hit chance temporarily.
  • Handle skill: Quick Stab – Does a quick stab forward.

The Grind blade skill is incredibly useful, increasing your crit chance temporarily. With such a fast attack speed, you’ll get great use out of this bonus resulting in a hearty DPS boost.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen with the weapon

Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragons Sword is a katana, which offers both decent attack speed and fluid motions when striking. Perhaps its best feature is its charge attack. You need to time the swishing animation correctly so that the weapon flashes just as an enemy’s attack is about to land. Doing so causes a riposte slash for massive damage. However, if you mistime it, then you’ll leave yourself open to a devastating hit, as this action doesn’t count as a block.

The Two Dragons Sword is therefore a very demanding weapon, but those that master it’s unique playstyle will be heavily rewarded. In fact, many would argue that it’s completely broken, and we’d be tempted to agree. Landing the parry will not just deal heavy damage, but also stun many enemies and leave them open to even more attacks.

It’s not just the unique heavy parry that makes the Two Dragons Sword shine though, as you’re also able to move while light attacking. This makes smaller enemies a breeze as you can almost kite around them while dealing damage. You really can’t go wrong with this weapon.

  • Location: Barren Swamp – Defeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster boss and exchange the boss item with Alidoro/Hugo.
    Stat scaling: Motivity D and Technique A.
  • Blade skill: Link Emergency Dodge – Dodge forward quickly; uses extra Fable to perform up to two attacks.
  • Handle skill: Wind of Swords – Blow a wind of swords forward to deal AoE damage to enemies.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen fighting with the weapon

Coil Mjolnir

The Coil Mjolnir is one of the best Lies of P weapons simply because of its monstrous damage and blade skill. For starters, this hammer can smash and crush multiple foes with ease due to its wide arc. Thunderstrike, meanwhile, deals tremendous damage, while also empowering your weapon with electricity.

Like the Electric Coil weapon, the Coil Mjolnir’s ability to apply Electric Blitz puppet enemies is too useful to pass up. Even larger puppet enemies won’t stand a chance once you’ve activated its blade skill.

It’s handle skill is just as great, letting you perfect block an enemy’s attack temporarily. If you’re struggling to perfect block, then Coil Mjolnir will do just that, giving you a brief window to get in some easy hits with its already strong attacks.

  • Location: Krat Central Station – Reach the plaza in the ruined Krat Central Station level. From there, keep left as you go to the back of the area to find this chest.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity B and Technique D.
  • Blade skill: Thunderstrike – Smash the weapon downward and cause a lightning strike; Electric Blitz damage is dealt to enemies, and your weapon is also imbued with this effect temporarily.
  • Handle skill: Absolute Defense – Perfectly block an enemy’s attack temporarily.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen with the weapon

Cursed Knight’s Halberd

The Cursed Knight’s Halberd is as good as it is due to the speed of the blade skill, Link Slash, along with multiple attacks done in quick succession (up to five hits when you consume three Fable slots). This guarantees a guard break in most situations. The handle skill, Guard Parry, triggers a riposte as long as you time it right.

This makes the Cursed Knight’s Halberd great for gaining the upper hand on your opponent, whether they be a tough enemy or a challenging boss fight. Along with these skills, the Cursed Knight’s Halberd also benefits from having more range than standard swords, so you can attack from a slightly safer distance. You’d be surprised by how swift this weapon strikes then despite it’s size, making chipping away at foes a breeze.

  • Location: Relic of Trismegistus – Upon reaching the cavern, you’ll see a chest on a ledge that’s jutting out. Be ready for a Devastator Puppet elite that smashes through a wall as you get close.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity C and Technique C.
  • Blade skill: Link Slash – Slash enemies in front of you; use extra Fable to slash enemies once more.
  • Handle skill: Guard Parry – Time the enemy’s attack correctly to deflect it and deal a powerful counterattack.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen with the weapon

Uroboros’s Eye

The Uroboros’s Eye is a fancy sawblade/grinding wheel hybrid, and it shows in its unique perks. Storm Notice is certainly a good skill to use, considering that each slash does an extra hit, which means an overall increase to the damage that you deal. If you can stay on the offensive, then Uroboros’s Eye will do the rest. It’s blade skill is similarly effective, letting you take chunks out of enemies’ healthbars from a safe distance.

Providing you’re quick on your feet and able to stay one step ahead of the enemy, you’ll be able to topple even the tankiest bosses relatively quickly thanks to its damage enhancing handle skill.

  • Location: Arche Abbey – Defeat Laxasia the Complete and exchange the boss item with Hugo.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity C and Technique B.
  • Blade skill: Wandering Moon – Throw the weapon forward; it stays in that spot for a short duration, dealing damage to nearby enemies before returning to your hand.
  • Handle skill: Storm Notice – Revs up the weapon to increase potential hits and damage.

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen with the weapon

Noblesse Oblige

The Noblesse Oblige is a gigantic club, and also one of the best Lies of P weapons. The only downside is that it comes fairly late in the campaign. Still, its Ergo Release ability is one that you’ll want to take note of. It causes a massive AoE shockwave that deals thousands of damage, but each use spends at least 500 Ergo. Make sure you’ve farmed a lot of the currency or you’ve got extra shards to spare.

It’s no doubt an annoying sacrifice to make, but the damage it offers is too good to pass up when you’re in a pinch. After all, if you died you’d drop the Ergo anyhow? Why not spend 500 Ergo in the hopes that you can turn the fight around?

While the damage is absurd, the Noblesse Oblige is, undeniably, a very slow weapon. Despite how strong it is, we don’t recommend it to players that dislike heavy weapons and a slower, more deliberate playstyle.

  • Location: Arche Abbey – Defeat Simon Manus and exchange the boss item with Hugo.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity A and Technique D.
  • Blade skill: Ergo Release – Consume a set amount of Ergo to deal huge damage to enemies.
  • Handle skill: Endure – Temporarily withstands the enemy’s attacks (i.e. slight physical damage reduction).

Lies of P Best Weapons: P can be seen attacking with the weapon

Proof of Humanity

Last but not least, there’s the Proof of Humanity, which comes from a late-game boss. While it has Link Slash like the Cursed Knight’s Halberd, its main feature is that these attacks are akin to cross slashes and whirling cyclones. As such, you’ll spin around while striking foes, further bolstered by the Grind skill and the added critical hit chance it provides.

In other words, Proof of Humanity turns you into a raging tornado that will shred nearby enemies. Even without these special moves, the standard moveset is rather quick and highly devastating. However, due to its reliance on crit damage, it can at times feel a little inconsistent, though it does come with a high base critical hit chance.

  • Location: Under the Abyss – Defeat the Nameless Puppet and exchange the boss item with Hugo.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity B and Technique B.
  • Blade skill: Link Slash – Slash an enemy in front of you; use extra Fable to slash up to three more times.
  • Handle skill: Grind – Increase critical hit chance temporarily.
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Best Lies of P weapon combos

The best Lies of P weapon combos are:

  • Salamander Dagger Blade and Acidic Crystal Spear Handle (Advance builds)
  • Bone-Cutting Saw Blade and Krat Police Baton Handle (Motivity builds)
  • Live Puppet Axe Blade and Krat Police Baton Handle (Motivity)
  • Bone-Cutting Saw Blade and Dancer’s Curved Sword Handle (Technique builds)
  • Wintry Rapier Blade and Salamander Dagger Handle (Advance builds)
  • Booster Glaive Blade and Big Pipe Wrench Handle (Motivity builds)
  • Greatsword of Fate Blade and Krat Police Baton Handle (Motivity builds)
  • Fire Axe Blade and Wintry Rapier Handle (Technique builds)

One of the most exciting parts of Lies of P is that you don’t just find the best Lies of P weapons – you can also ‘craft’ them. With the ability to mix and match Blades and Handles from all weapons besides boss gear, there’s plenty of Lies of P weapon combinations open to you. While this opens the door to even more powerful weapons, even making use of otherwise lackluster weapons, it does make matters more complicated.

In the Lies of P weapon combo system, Blades dictate the attack type, damage, Blade Fable Art, and other damage stats, while the Handle contributes the attack patterns (combos and animations), ability scaling, and the Blade Fable Art. Keep this in mind when coming up with your own best Lies of P weapon combos.

Remember that, using Cranks, you can also change the ability scaling of each Handle. For example, the Salamander Dagger Blade and Acidic Crystal Spear Handle is great for Advance builds by default, though you can use a Crank to change this if you’d like to.

Worst Lies of P weapons

The worst Lies of P weapons are:

  • Krat Police Baton Head and Wintry Rapier Handle
  • Wintry Rapier Blade and Big Pipe Wrench Handle
  • Exploding Pickaxe Head Blade and Blind Man’s Double Sided Spear Handle
  • Tyrant Dagger Blade and Big Pipe Wrench Handle
  • Salamander Dagger Blade and Coil Mjolnir Handle

For some reason, Soulslike fans love nothing more than making a hard game even more challenging. It’s the equivalent of the ‘broken sword challenge’ from Dark Souls. As a result, knowing the worst Lies of P weapons is sometimes more important than the best items for some players.

These are the worst Lies of P weapons largely because of mismatched parts, made in the weapon combos system. For example, the Exploding Pickaxe Head Blade with the Blind Man’s Double Sided Spear Handle has abysmal range but also among the slowest and least damaging movesets of the lot. This causes you to constantly miss your attacks, and do very little damage when you eventually do land an attack. The same goes for the Tyrant Dagger Blade and Wrench Handle.

If you’re really looking to amp up the difficulty, then you could even do a run with just the Legion Arm, though we’re not sure why you’d ever want to put yourself through that.

All Lies of P weapons

Here are all the Lies of P weapons you can collect:

  • Acidic Crystal Spear
  • Acidic Great Curved Sword
  • Big Pipe Wrench
  • Black Steel Cutter
  • Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear
  • Bone-Cutting Saw
  • Booster Glaive
  • Bramble Curved Sword
  • Carcass Crystal Axe
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw
  • City Longspear
  • Clock Sword
  • Coil Mjolnir
  • Cursed Knight’s Halberd
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword
  • Electric Coil Stick
  • Etiquette
  • Exploding Pickaxe
  • Fire Axe
  • Frozen Feast
  • Golden Lie
  • Greatsword of Fate
  • Holy Sword of the Ark
  • Krat Police Baton
  • Live Puppet’s Axe
  • Master Chef’s Knife
  • Military Shovel
  • Noblesse Oblige
  • Pistol Rock Drill
  • Proof of Humanity
  • Puppet Ripper
  • Puppet’s Saber
  • Salamander Dagger
  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword
  • Spear of Honor
  • Trident of the Covenant
  • Two Dragons Sword
  • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger
  • Uroboros’s Eye
  • Wintry Rapier

In any case, these are what we consider to be the best Lies of P weapons, strongest weapon combos, as well as all the weapons you can collect. Feel free to experiment with various blade and handle combinations to find something that suits you as you brave through the Lies of P length, as it’s main campaign is quite the challenge. Nevertheless, it’s arguably one of the best games in recent years, and rivals FromSoftware itself in terms of Soulslike games oozing atmosphere. If you’re still struggling, perhaps it’s time to invest in one of the best PS5 controllers or best Xbox controllers, as some come with some extra tricks built-in.