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How to get all Lies of P endings

Find out about the Lies of P endings and how you can get them all as you play to fully see every side of the story in Krat on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Lies of P endings: Gipetto can be seen

What are all the Lies of P endings? Your adventure in the ruined city of Krat is filled with interactions with NPCs, as well as battles against relentless bosses. However, all journeys must come to a conclusion and this guide discusses all of these endings to the core campaign and how to get them. We also talk about the post-credits scenes and what they entail for the game’s future. Be aware that this article contains spoilers for the ending of the game.

Whether you finish P’s story on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Game Pass, or PC, this dark world is filled with dangers and traps you will face before you reach the ending. As such, you will need the best Lies of P weapons, best Lies of P builds, and best Lies of P legion arms to make it to the campaign’s conclusion.

Lies of P endings

The three Lies of P endings and how to get them are:

  • Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After – unlocked by giving your heart to Geppetto
  • Rise of P – unlocked by lying, finding the portrait of a boy and giving it to Geppetto, giving Sophia peace, refusing to give Geppetto your heart
  • Free From the Puppet String – unlocked by telling the truth mostly, letting Sophia live or giving her peace, refuse to give Geppetto your heart

For the sake of clarity, whenever we were prompted with “Lie or Truth” decisions throughout the campaign and is we should lie in Lies of P, we opted for lying. Essentially, these are falsehoods that are meant to be gentle assurances or compassionate responses to NPCs. These led to notifications, such as “Your Ergo is tingling” and “You feel warmth”.

These are signs that P is realizing what it means to be human instead of a puppet and are largely what affect the different endings you can get.

The core decision at the end of the game stays the same no matter your ending with the option to refuse or give Geppetto your heart. Here you should make a backup save if you want to get these endings quickly without replaying the game.

Lies of P endings: The choice with Geppetto can be seen

How to get The Real Boy ending in Lies of P

To get The Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After ending in Lies of P all you need to do is choose to give your heart to Geppetto at the end of the game. This will play a cutscene that leads to the ending.

This leads to Geppetto hugging P, only to stab him. He’ll place the heart inside the chest, which causes a hand to appear. It’s another puppet! Geppetto and this “new” P are seen outside Hotel Krat, with several dead people nearby.

It’s implied that Geppetto created a new and improved P who fully obeys him. You’ll also hear Sophia’s voice asking you if this is the life that you wanted.

Lies of P endings: P and Geppetto can be seen

How to get the Rise of P ending in Lies of P

To get the Rise of P ending in Lies of P you need to:

  • Lie when you have the chance (You may be able to tell the truth a few times)
  • Finding the portrait of a boy and giving it to Geppetto
  • Giving Sophia peace
  • Refusing to give Geppetto your heart

Geppetto will be disappointed in P, calling him a naughty boy. He opens the chest, which reveals an incomplete creation. This leads to a battle against the Nameless Puppet. You can learn about how to defeat this foe in our Lies of P Nameless Puppet boss guide. After beating your opponent, it’ll attempt to murder P. However, Geppetto steps in, and he gets stabbed instead. P will destroy the Nameless Puppet, only for Geppetto to die in his arms.

Lies of P endings: P can be seen with Sophia

How to get the Free From The Puppet String ending in Lies of P

You can get the Free From The Puppet String ending in Lies of P by:

  • Telling the truth every time you have the option to (You may have some leeway to lie occasionally)
  • Choose to let Sophia live or freeing her in the Arche Abbey after defeating Laxasia
  • Refuse to give Geppetto your heart

With this ending, it largely plays out the same way, but as the sun rises over Krat, you will see the puppet of Sophia and transfer your Ergo into her, giving her life. Note, that we did manage to get this ending when letting Sophia live, instead of giving her peace, so you may be able to arrive at this ending without doing that specifically, as another writer from The Loadout experienced.

Lies of P endings: Geppetto can be seen being stabbed

Lies of P ending explained

The Lies of P ending has two post-credits scenes. The first involves a man with silver hair who’s talking to a woman on the phone. The next scene shows someone walking along the edge of Krat – someone who happens to be wearing ruby slippers. After a short while, this person clicks their heels, and the screen fades to black.

We think this man in the first scene is Giangio, the NPC who offers different Wishstones. He might appear timid in the campaign, but he probably has ulterior motives. Giangio and the woman speak of having a “new brother,” or a new kind of humanity, in a way. The two also plan ahead on what they need to do regarding “Dorothy.”

Lies of P endings: A man with white hair can be seen sitting down

It’s clear that the second scene teases the arrival of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. As of the time of this writing, there are no announced DLC projects for Lies of P. However, given this post-credits scene, we could have another fantastical tale set in this grim world, one that stars Dorothy and perhaps her pals, too. Maybe we could even battle the Wicked Witch of the West, or defy gravity while we’re at it in a sequel.

Lies of P endings: What we can assume is Dorothy can be seen

In any case, these are the Lies of P endings and how you can get them. For even more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on the Lies of P records locations and our guide to Lies of P Star Fragments and a farm for them