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How to defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

Find out how to defeat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P easily and bring the mad puppet's reign to an end on PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Lies of P Nameless Puppet: The Nameless Puppet can be seen

How do you beat the Lies of P Nameless Puppet boss? This opponent is fought at the conclusion of the campaign. It will truly test your mettle, owing to its rapid attacks and erratic patterns. Eliminating it also nets you a unique ending. Our Lies of P Nameless Puppet boss guide discusses how you can take out this foe. Be aware this article contains spoilers.

Whether you are on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Game Pass, or PC the Nameless Puppet is the final battle for a reason. As such, you will want the best Lies of P weapons, best Lies of P builds, and best Lies of P Legion Arms to take the boss down.

How to defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

To defeat the Nameless Puppet you need to:

  • Use the Aegis Legion Arm – The Aegis Legion Arm is the best option as it provides some protection
  • Equip a fast weapon – slow weapons are not useful in this fight
  • Block as much as possible in the second phase – you will have a flurry of attacks to block as you can’t dodge them all
  • Make use of openings, no matter how limited they are – there are a few opportunities to dive in and attack

To start this fight, you’ll need to defeat Simon Manus to gain access to the elevator. Down below, you’ll see Geppetto. Talk to him and refuse to give your heart. Geppetto will think that P is being a naughty puppet, stepping out of line, which causes him to bring out his new construct, the Nameless Puppet.

Lies of P Nameless Puppet: Gipetto can be seen

Note that this battle leads to one of the game’s endings. If your character dies, you can interact with the Stargazer and select the “Give your heart” option. This skips the fight and unlocks one of the other ending scenes.

Nameless Puppet phase 1

If you choose to battle the Nameless Puppet, then take note of the following abilities during the first phase of the fight:

  • Cross Slash – Does fast attacks with its sword.
  • Cross Lance – Turns the weapon into a greatsword, then rushes toward your location.
  • Greatsword Swings – Does multiple cleaving swipes with its greatsword. The attack animations are slower.

The first phase is primarily about checking the boss’ wild attack patterns. We found it nearly impossible to block or dodge every hit due to the fast attack animations. It’s also a good idea to equip the Aegis, one of the best Legion Arms in the game. Although the Legion meter does get depleted while you’re blocking, one of its upgrades allows you to attack while your shield is still protecting you.

Lies of P Nameless Puppet: P can be seen fighting the Nameless Puppet

As an aside, we initially used the Coil Mjolnir, a slow and heavy Motivity-based weapon. Ideally, though, you might be better off with faster weapons, such as the Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger, so you can match speed for speed.

Nameless Puppet phase 2

Upon depleting the boss’ health, P will slice the top of its head, exposing the brain. However, this only makes your opponent angrier, leading to the second phase of the battle. It will gain the following abilities:

  • Berserker Slash – Does multiple slashes with its sword, while twirling around erratically.
  • Cross Cutter – Crosses blades together, then zips back and forth your location to hit you multiple times. This combo chain ends in a backstep where the boss attempts to keep its distance.
  • Cross Dive – Leaps into the air before diving toward your location.
  • Lancet Beam – Upon turning its weapon into a lance, it’ll fire a devastating projectile in a straight line.
  • Ravager Shred – It will slam its weapon on the ground, creating a shredding wave in a straight line.
  • Ravager Blast – Leaps high up into the air, then slams down, with red beams emanating along the ground in a frontal cone.
  • Killing Blow – Switches to a ready stance, then rushes your character for a grab and skewer move.

Lies of P Nameless Puppet: P can be seen fighting the Nameless Puppet

Phase 2 of the Lies of P Nameless Puppet boss fight is as frantic as it gets. If you thought avoiding all its attacks earlier was nigh impossible, then be ready for a headache. We advise you to block most of the moves, all while looking out for opportunities. There are openings whenever the boss ends a combo chain, as well as when it changes the style of its weapon.

The boss’ deadliest attacks are the Ravager Shred, Ravager Blast, and Killing Blow, which cause massive damage in a single hit. These all have noticeable tells, such as when the boss raises its weapon or when it switches to a ready stance.

Moreover, the Perfection Grindstone is quite viable for this battle, since it automatically triggers a perfect guard for a few seconds. Use this at the right time, and you can nullify all damage while filling up the boss’ stagger meter.

After defeating the Lies of P Nameless Puppet boss, you’ll receive the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo. It can be exchanged for either of these two rewards:

  • Weapon: Proof of Humanity – A sword with Motivity B and Technique B scaling; its skill causes you to do cross slashes and spins, just like your foe.
  • Amulet: Piercing Hatred Amulet – Immunity to all status attribute ailments.

Lies of P Nameless Puppet: P can be seen using a weapon

In any case, this is how you beat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P. There’s another cutscene which we won’t spoil here, but you can learn more about it in our Lies of P endings guide.