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The best legion arms in Lies of P

Find out what the best legion arms in Lies of P are so you can prepare yourself for any fight with a tool to help you out on Xbox, PS5, PS4, and Game Pass.

Lies of P Best Legion Arms: P can be seen

What are the Lies of P best legion arms? You can acquire eight of these contraptions as you progress through the campaign. Each one has unique properties and functions, from casting elemental effects and firing projectiles to utility usage such as grappling an enemy or blocking an attack. These devices use the Legion resource, which can be replenished through items or Stargazer interaction. This guide on the best Lies of P legion arms discusses the top four picks based on our playthrough.

Lies of P is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Game Pass, and PC right now. With numerous enemies to battle, you should definitely have the ideal gear pieces as you progress. You might want to check out our best Lies of P weapons guide to bolster your capabilities in combat, as well as our best Lies of P builds guide to complement your playstyle alongside one of these arms. These arms were obtained during our Lies of P review playthrough

The best Lies of P legion arms are:

  • Puppet String – best melee-focused legion arm
  • Aegis – best defensive legion arm
  • Falcon Eyes – best ranged legion arm
  • Pandemonium – best crowd control legion arm

Apart from those that are unlocked as part of the campaign, others are acquired via the Venigni Craft Machine in Hotel Krat. Some require specific boss items before they’re unlocked, while others need items known as Legion Plugs.

Once obtained, you can make use of the Legion Arm’s default action. To unlock the upgrades, you’ll need to use Legion Caliber materials. The cost increases the higher the upgrade level.

Lies of P Best Legion Arms: Puppet String can be seen

Puppet String

The Puppet String is the first special Legion Arm that you get (we don’t count the default option where P just does a left hook). This contraption has a Scorpion-esque “Get over here!” move that pulls in most human-sized hostiles, allowing you to follow up with quick slashes. Later, you can also use it to bring yourself closer to enemies, though an aggressive playstyle isn’t always beneficial.

  • How to obtain: Given to you by Eugenie once you reach Hotel Krat.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity C, Technique A, and Advance D.
  • Default skill: Target an enemy and release a wire; can be used to drag an enemy toward you or move you toward it.
  • Upgrade 1: Trace – Press and hold the Legion Arm button to track an enemy (i.e. move toward it).
  • Upgrade 2: Dodge – Allows you to dodge after a hit.
  • Upgrade 3: Attack Link – Pulling or wire tracing an enemy with the button held down allows you to follow up with a linked attack.

Lies of P Best Legion Arms: Aegis can be seen


The Aegis is, bar none, one of the best legion arms in Lies of P. This is primarily due to the game’s defense-oriented combat mechanics as noted in our review. In effect, the Aegis legion arm grants you an extra block, though there’s a slight delay when the shield has to flash compared to the normal weapon guard animation. If you can master it, then it’ll significantly improve your survivability.

Another key factor is that the Aegis’ first upgrade, Guard Attack, allows you to strike with your weapon while you’re blocking. While holding down the button does deplete your Legion meter, this is still a viable tactic since you can protect yourself while ensuring that you can hit your foe when the opportunity presents itself.

  • How to obtain: Exchange one Legion Plug.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity B, Technique B, and Advance D.
  • Default skill: Block enemy attacks with your left arm; if you receive a blow, the device explodes and deals damage to the enemy.
  • Upgrade 1: Guard Attack – Allows you to attack while blocking.
  • Upgrade 2: Guard Parry – Use Fable to parry.
  • Upgrade 3: Counter Charge – Charge for a more powerful attack when performing a guard counter.

Lies of P Best Legion Arms: Falcon Eyes can be seen

Falcon Eyes

In a game that focuses primarily on melee combat, the Falcon Eyes is unique in that it’s a viable ranged option. Essentially, you can shoot explosive projectiles, allowing you to deal damage without necessarily getting into the thick of the fray. This allows you to pace yourself prior to engaging enemies up close.

  • How to obtain: Exchange one Legion Plug.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity C and Technique A.
  • Default skill: Fires armor-piercing shells from a distance; the shells explode after a couple of seconds.
  • Upgrade 1: New Material Gunpowder – Increases the explosion radius.
  • Upgrade 2: Quick Reload – A quick one-time shot is available after firing.
  • Upgrade 3: Emergency Shot – You can fire shells while dodging.

Lies of P Best Legion Arms: Pandemonium can be seen


We also feel that the Pandemonium is one of the best legion arms due to its effect. Other options like the Fulminis and Flamberge require you to hold down the button to continuously shoot an elemental discharge, which can leave you open to attacks. The Pandemonium, however, only needs a single button press to spew an acid pool. From there, your goal is to keep enemies within the pool’s area of effect so that they take damage over time. This is particularly useful against certain bosses who might attack often without necessarily moving around too much.

  • How to obtain: Exchange one Legion Plug.
  • Stat scaling: Motivity D, Technique C, and Advance A.
  • Default skill: Fires an acidic substance on the ground; corrodes enemies that step into the pool of acid.
  • Upgrade 1: Change Direction – Press the Fable button to change the direction of the acid spray.
  • Upgrade 2: Acid Charge – Charge the button to increase the range of the attack.
  • Upgrade 3: Polymerization Explosion – Triggers an acid explosion after the pool has dissipated.

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