Lies of P length and how long to beat

Not only are you in for a horrifying time, but the Lies of P length could mean that you’ll be playing this Pinocchio retelling for quite a while

Lies of P Length: Pinocchio looking at a butterfly next to the Lies of P logo

Soulslikes are known for being fairly long games, and the Lies of P length seems to follow that pattern. Like Elden Ring, which can be found on our lists of the best PS5 games and best Xbox Series games, you’ll be expected to endure the horrors of Lies of P for quite some time. It may be worth preparing yourself for the journey ahead.

For those who like to 100% complete games before moving onto the next, you’ll have plenty to do when the Lies of P release date arrives. That’s because completing side content and finding all of the collectibles could even double the runtime of the game. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a game that can keep you busy, Lies of P may be it.

Lies of P length

Lies of P will take 30 hours to complete, according to director Choi Ji-Won in an interview with ‘Prankster101’. For those looking to see everything on offer, you may spend around 60 hours within this twisted retelling.

Choi Ji-Won based this on the average player, so those with experience in the Soulslike genre may finish Lies of P quicker. We’re unclear on what the completion time entails, whether it’s side quests, collectibles, finding all equipment or more. However, those who love the genre or like the aesthetic of Lies of P will certainly be happy with this runtime.

Fortunately, if you’re cautious on this new game, you may be happy to find that you’ll be able to experience the game when the Lies of P Game Pass release date arrives. That means you can experience the full game so long as you have an active Game Pass subscription.

Just make sure you have an extra pillow to scream into in case things get a bit too scary.