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Death Stranding 2’s badass ship has got Kojima (and us) very excited

Death Stranding 2’s ship will be a core mechanic in the new PS5 game, as Hideo Kojima reveals key details during a fresh HideoTube episode.

Death Stranding 2 Ship: An image of Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus.

We’re still gathering our thoughts after that amazing Death Stranding 2 trailer from Sony’s recent State of Play, but one thing that did stick out was the huge ship Fragile owns. The new PS5 game ups the ante for all things made of metal (and gears), and now, Hideo Kojima reveals the crucial role ships will play – and he’s excited for you to see how badass they are.

Absent for seven years, Kojima’s YouTube series ‘HideoTube’ is making a grand return, and the first episode focuses heavily on Death Stranding 2. In the recently uploaded episode, Kojima explains that the vessel seen during the State of Play is “called the Magellan, a ship that the members travel around in this time around.” With the ability to submerge itself underground and underwater, Kojima says that “though he [Sam] does the deliveries by himself, the ship will accompany him” around the open world game.

In the first Death Stranding, the player could take Sam to various bases owned by BRIDGES, where you find refuge from BTs, harsh weather, and bandits. Now, the new PS5 game will allow players to essentially have a portable base of operations, rather than just scavenging the land for safe harbor. However, it won’t be easy to take full advantage of this feature. “When you connect to the Chiral Network, the ship can move freely in those areas. Once you connect it on your own, you can call the ship,” Kojima says.

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The ship will be furnished with your crew too, which at present stands to be Léa Seydoux returning as Fragile, and Mad Max Fury Road filmmaker George Miller as a brand-new (but currently unnamed) character. Bases in Death Stranding allow the player to resupply on equipment like EX Grenades – a throwable item made up of Sam’s excrement and other bodily fluids. Just Kojima things. You can also summon vehicles like the Reverse Trike, and you’ll need one to get through these deadly hazards in the game’s world.

We’re itching to see more of Sam’s next adventure, which could easily be one of the best PS5 games ever when the Death Stranding 2 release date arrives. Well, that’s until Hideo Kojima’s espionage game Physint is released.