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Hideo Kojima’s Physint smells like PS6 gold, but not PS5

Hideo Kojima continues to fry our brains with his new game Physint, the “culmination” of all his work before it, and it feels destined for the PS6.

An image of Hideo Kojima and a PS5: Physint announcement

If you’re Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima, announcing a new PlayStation 5 game isn’t a straightforward job. Alongside fresh footage of PS5 exclusive Death Stranding 2, Kojima and Sony’s Helmen Hurst have revealed Physint, teased as Kojima’s return to the espionage battlefields he pioneered on the PS1 and PS2. Like you, we’re attempting to make sense of Kojima’s cryptic words about the project. But one thing is clear – this smells of PS6 launch title gold.

Following extended looks at new PS5 games like Rise of the Ronin during Sony’s recent State of Play showcase, Kojima expresses on social media that Physint “is a completely new ‘Action Espionage’ [game] for the next-generation.” Sounds pretty normal, right? Physint is going to rupture the lines between videogames and movies, thanks to Kojima’s partnership with Sony’s Columbia Pictures.

Crafted using “cutting edge technology” and top-tier talent from both mediums, Kojima amps up the intrigue as he explains that “this is an interactive ‘game’, but the look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, sound, etc… are all at the next level of ‘Digital Entertainment’ that could be called a ‘movie’.”

Hideo Kojima Physint: An image of the Physint announcement on Hideo Kojima's Twitter/X page.

So, is it a game or a movie, Kojima? Right now, it sounds like Kojima is attempting something similar to Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break, which was accompanied by an entire live-action TV series starring the game’s cast. The level of fidelity seen in the recent Death Stranding 2 trailer certainly boasts Physint’s strongest aspect, though, which is the promise of a “next generation” experience. With production set to ramp up once Xbox exclusive OD and Death Stranding 2 are out the door, we think Physint is aligning itself to be a PS6 title, rather than one of the best PS5 games available. 

Depending on how big an experience it is, it could even be a launch title for the PS6 release date, which is widely expected to arrive in 2028. However, with development not underway just yet, that might be a tall order.

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Kojima’s games have always been at the forefront of Sony’s consoles, pushing each platform till they crumble. We all remember Metal Gear Solid 4’s frame rate trucking away on the PS3, don’t we? Hopefully the rumored remaster can fix that. By the time Death Stranding 2 rolls around, we’ll be five years into the PS5’s life cycle, and presumably at the point where a PS5 Pro model is on the market. The next step from there is the PS6, and if you’re going to launch potentially one of the best games on the platform, Hideo Kojima is definitely the man to do it.