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Starfield players wish NG+ wouldn’t abandon their biggest purchase

You'll be presented with some difficult choices before Starfield new game plus begins, but you'll need to consider the fate of your Starfield ships before then.

Starfield new game plus ships

Beginning a new playthrough of Starfield comes at a hefty cost, making the decision to progress with Starfield new game plus exceptionally important. However, if you’re eager to see what else the galaxy to offer in the gigantic Bethesda RPG, then you’ll be embarking on a completely clean slate for your character – and some players wish that wasn’t the case for your ships.

Starfield ship customization is inescapable, and after spending hours making an enormous feat of engineering or something completely silly, the last thing you want is to wave goodbye to it. The best Starfield ships are often a balance of the two, and Redditor ‘AncientDoge’ believes Bethesda should alter NG+: “I wish I could keep my ships for NG+.” Even with a plethora of features to get lost in, one of the best RPG games of the year doesn’t show mercy for keeping your favorite in-game purchases.

Even if you’re finding some of the free ships in Starfield, players like ‘FullArmorStillScared’ are actively avoiding Starfield new game plus, and therefore keeping all their precious inventory items and spacecrafts in the process. Entering new game plus retains all your Starfield skills, making progress toward your ideal Starfield builds a little bit easier. You’ll get some nifty rewards for taking the plunge, but your entire fleet will be left behind.

I wish I could keep my ships for NG+
byu/AncientDoge inStarfield

One player believes that Bethesda could easily solve this issue, or at least soften the blow going into a fresh playthrough of the game, as ‘Mercurionio’ suggests that “blueprints” should be a purchasable item. Taking this concept one step further, the player proposes that “Blueprints could work without new game plus. It’s basically a quick build, with increased cost for shipped parts. All parts should be available on any star yards, but vendor specific parts should have a discount on their yards.”

Additionally, their idea suggests that blueprints should carry over to new game plus, and that modding in the future would aid it: “Starfield could really benefit from Single player MMO logic thanks to Creation Club.” However, it will be quite some time before Starfield Xbox mods give players more free rein over these kinds of concepts. You’ll need to play on PC to experience that kind of freedom.

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Nevertheless, if you do happen to dive into new game plus, it doesn’t have to be all that bad when it comes to your inventory. We’ve made it easy to locate all the Starfield legendary weapons, as well as the best methods to set up your Starfield outposts.

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