Valorant patch notes – what’s new in the latest update?

Here are the latest Valorant patch notes, updates, and changes

Five Valorant agents standing in front of an orb

Valorant is a tactical shooter that requires you to stay on top of the ever developing meta. With frequent changes detailed by Valorant patch notes, players find that they’ll need to constantly adapt their in-game tactics in order to climb the Valorant ranks.

Riot Games usually pushes out a handful of updates during an Episode’s Act, which in turn alters our Valorant tier list. The best agents to play one week might be Jett and Viper and in the next, it could be Sage and Phoenix. Even if there aren’t meta-changing updates to be found, the latest Valorant patch notes could contain some handy information about new quality-of-life updates worth your time.

So, if you’re looking to get up to speed with the game’s latest changes or work out why your favourite agent is suddenly underperforming, here are the last couple of Valorant patch notes for your perusal.

Valorant patch notes 3.05

This patch brings Episode 3, Act 2 to the fore, introducing the likes of Fracture to the Valorant maps selection, as well as a new battle pass, and a new option for the ever-growing Valorant skins line.

It also sees the return of the Immortal ranks (I, II, III) return to competitive for the first time in months and a rank distribution alteration.

This major Valorant update isn’t just jam-packed full of new content – it also contains some pretty hefty agent changes to the likes of Brimstone, Sova, and Breach.

Here’s what’s changed:


Breach’s Aftershock (C) ability now deals damage to the following:

  • Killjoy Alarm Bot
  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Killjoy Lockdown
  • Cypher Tripwire
  • Reyna Leer
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Sova Recon Bolt
  • KAY/O Zero/Point


Brimstone’s Orbital Strike (X) now deals damage to the following:

  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Cypher Trapwire
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Sova Recon Bolt
  • KAY/O Zero/Poin


Sova’s Huter Fury (X) now deals damage to the following:

  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Cypher Trapwire
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Sova Recon Bolt
  • KAY/O Zero/Point


Killjoy’s turret not only deals damage to over-confident enemies, it also provides intel. To nerf the turret’s abilities ever so slightly for pistol rounds, Riot Games has altered its bullet tagging from 72.5% to 29.5%.


Similar to Killjoy’s turret, Raze’s Boom Bots have also been nerfed with low economy rounds in mind. As a result the max damage of the bot is being reduced from 125 to 80 and the min damage of the bot is being reduced from 50 to 30.

The bots will now cost 100 less to reflect this change.

You can find the full patch notes here.

Cypher and Omen standing next to one another in Valorant

Valorant patch notes 3.04

There’s nothing too major in Valorant patch 3.04 since its the last patch before the new Act. A stubborn Omen bug, which meant he could travel in “unintended ways” via Dark Cover has been patched, new settings have been added to Performance Stats and Graphs to help you optimise your game, and the model viewer has been improved.

The patch also includes a number of esports feature improvements to help observers and viewers at home.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Valorant patch notes 3.03

We were expecting to see some major Yoru changes in Valorant patch 3.03, but due to “unforeseen circumstances” Riot Games has indefinitely delated the update. We’re not yet sure when we can expect to see Yoru’s rework.

Still, the patch notes do contain some juice – there’s some new Valorant crosshair settings and some options on reverting AFK penalties.

The new crosshair settings mean you can now customise your ADS crosshair and switch between multiple profiles. An update for sharing these profiles will be coming at a later date.

You can read the patch notes here.

So there you have it, the latest Valorant patch notes. Make sure you grab some Valorant codes while you’re here.

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