Valorant agent tier list – who to play in Episode 4 Act 3

If you're looking for the best characters in Riot Games' tactical shooter, we have an up-to-date Valorant agent tier list for Episode 4 Act 3 right here

Valorant tier list: A montage of Valorant agents woven onto a white background

Valorant has mutated into a true competitive tactical shooter and the meta has developed alongside it. With so many new agents to pick from, finding the right character for you – and the right one for your team – is harder than ever. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of the ground work and put together a Valorant agent tier list for you below.

Our Valorant agent tier list, which we update with every big Valorant patch, takes the current meta into consideration, along with the overall effectiveness of each and every agent. That being said, you’ll find that the meta changes ever so slightly as you progress through the Valorant ranks, so do your best to adapt to situations on the fly.

If you’re deciding which agent you should main – or who you should start grinding with a little more – then let us help you. We have spent countless hours crunching numbers and dying a lot so you don’t have to.

We may be listing the Valorant agents in order of their effectiveness in the list below, but it’s important to stress that none of them are downright unplayable. Riot Games has done a fantastic job balancing the abilities of its characters – and it helps that all the guns are shared. As long as your economy is in a good place, you should be fine to play with any agent you choose.

VALORANT Tier list

Tier Agents
Tier 1 Jett, Sage, Viper, Sova, Chamber, Astra
Tier 2 Fade, Skye, Breach, Killjoy, Reyna, Cypher, Neon
Tier 3 Omen, Phoenix, Raze, KAY/O
Tier 4 Yoru, Brimstone

Now we’ve laid out our Valorant agent tier list, we’re going to explain how we came by this ranking by going through each and every agent.

Valorant tier list: Jett with a levitating knife

Tier 1


Jett is easily the fastest agent in the roster – which plays an important part in her ranking. While she doesn’t have the same surprise elements that Omen and Chamber may have in teleportation, Jett can startle players by her quick movements and vertical abilities. The Korean duelist also commands air, so she can launch herself upwards or forwards, and her passive means she can glide rather than fall to the ground (if you remember to hold space).

Players in the past liked to argue about how effective she actually is, but after a few important updates, that argument has been settled. Professional and high level players have proved Jett can be devastating as an entry fragger – providing your aim is on point, of course.


Sage is the closest thing Riot Games’ shooter has to a support character. She can heal herself or others during a round, effectively giving everyone a little bit more longevity in the thick of the battle. Her ultimate ability also allows her to resurrect a teammate, traditionally making her an important agent in any Valorant composition.

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Sage isn’t just a support though as she has some of the best environmental abilities. She can wall off areas and take her enemies by surprise or force them to give away their position by shooting it down. Her slow orbs can be great for defending points or for gathering information.


Viper has risen up through the ranks after a fair amount of tweaks, resulting in more and more playtime online. While she’s still largely situational, she can lock down a site by herself in a matter of seconds on the majority of Valorant maps.

While she’s a tad tricky to get to grips with, Viper is definitely a meta agent, but she needs a good team around her to really see the benefits of her abilities. If you’re planning on solo queuing, Viper might not be for you – unless you know all the best line ups, of course.


Sova is a great agent for team plays. With recon abilities and the ability to do a little bit of damage, playing Sova is an art. So if you’re looking to play him, you’re going to need to know your angles. Sova’s recon arrows are great for gathering information but only if you know where to put them.

The archer also has his drone, which again, is great for reconnaissance, but it’ll give away your position pretty quickly. Like Cypher’s camera, it has a dart to mark opponents, but it can be easily destroyed and it’s hard to hide.

He’s by far the game’s best intel gatherer, but learning how best to use those abilities takes time.


Sartorial style and sheer drip factor does not make for a Tier 1 agent, but the suave Frenchman has the substance to more than back up his style.

Thanks to his ability to take fights, get picks, and instantly teleport away, Chamber is a great pick for those who either enjoy Jett’s playstyle, or popping people with the Operator. Chamber is also an eco monster, thanks to (Q) Headhunter and (X) Tour de Force saving him extra credits, while providing immense firepower on low or no-spend rounds.

While not quite as dashy as Jett, Chamber is certainly just as flashy.


Astra has fundamentally changed the way competitive Valorant is changed, mostly due to the her abilities.

Her Gravity Well pulls in enemies, her Nova Pulse concusses them, and she has smokes too. Her Ultimate divides the entire map into two with a giant wall which dampens sound and blocks incoming fire. This can help Astra’s whole team to hide their actions and surprise opponents.

However, to get Astra right, you need to nail the cooldown of her abilities, which inexperienced players will struggle with, so definitely spend some time in Unrated mode with her before heading into ranked.

Valorant tier list: Skye

Tier 2


With a decent pick-rate and a solid win-rate, Fade sits comfotably in Tier 2 of this Valorant agent tier list right now (however, this might change as the meta continues to settle – Fade hasn’t been around that often!)

With a varied ability kit that can tether enemies to a position, introduce decay effects, and highlight their locations, Fade is a multi-purpose agent that can pick up a lot of kills in the right hands. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your aim is on point, but Fade’s kit helps players manage if she misses a shot or two.


Skye’s build is good for information gathering, but only when you have a team who will act on that information. Skye used to sit at the bottom of our Valorant tier list, but since she’s been buffed – and proved to be viable in Valorant ranked – she’s become incredibly strong.

Now that she can re-equip her weapon quicker after using her abilities, she’s able to act on flashes more efficiently, making her a great initiator.


Breach is possibly one of the most complex agents in the game, so bear that in mind when playing as him. His abilities can often take their toll on teammates and prompt arguments if used incorrectly. Without proper coordination, there’s a whole host of things that can happen as a direct result of Breach’s abilities.

However, the trade-off for these negatives are oftentimes worth it, as Breach’s kit is packed with powerful, disruptive tools.


KAY/O may be a situational pick, but he sure is fun to play, and powerful in the right situations. A mixture of flashes and suppression give KAY/O more than enough tools to initiate one-man pushes, especially when he activates (X) NULL/CMD.


Killjoy’s utility makes her a solid agent when both attacking and defending a site – especially the latter. Her mini turret is able to cause plenty of disruption, particularly on eco rounds, while her alarm bot is a great tool for covering flanks or points of entry onto a site.

Her greatest asset, however, is her (X) Lockdown, which is phenomenal for clearing enemies off of a site, making space for your team to either plant or defuse the spike.

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Reyna was, at first, a little bit of a surprise to players. The player base was just starting to settle into a routine, knowing what agents did what, and where they were best placed, when all of a sudden this new agent arrived with new abilities. Players initially figured out that she’s quite a selfish agent, with not much to offer when it comes to team play.

However, when devs soon realised that she was a terrifying agent in solo and professional play, she was nerfed into the ground. But despite that, she’s one of the best agents for solo players in the game – providing you go looking for duels that is.


Cypher’s suffered nerfs to his cameras and his tripwires in recent patches and since then, his pick rate has tanked. However, he still remains one of the best intel gatherers in the game, and creative Cyphers can be a nightmare for the enemy team to deal with.


The latest agent to enter the fray, Neon can be an absolute menace in the right hands. Boasting some serious mobility, the squelching of Neon’s shoes often means a quick death is en route.

However, while Neon can quickly enter and get round the back of a site before you know it, she lacks the disengage tools to get her back out again. As such, Neon is a much riskier pick than the likes of Reyna or Jett, and can quickly stumble to a halt if she is snagged by enemy utility.

As for her own utility, Neon’s (Q) Relay Bolt are potent concussion bolts which can be devastating in certain situations. Meanwhile, (C) Fast Lane is fantastic for setting up an avenue for entry, or isolating 1v1s.

While Neon isn’t quite a top-tier agent, we still feel she is a powerful pick.

Valorant tier list: Omen

Tier 3


If you like your Overwatch, then you probably already know Omen’s abilities quite well. The agent, which is suspiciously like Blizzard’s Reaper, has teleportation abilities. He can be everywhere and anywhere and if played right, can be a deadly agent against a well organised team.

Omen has powerful abilities, but being unpredictable is key. Well versed players will know standard Omen plays – such as ulting into spawns – so if you want to get the edge on enemy teams you’re going to want to get creative. His smokes are helpful and his paranoia ability is great for blinding enemies hiding just around the corner. If you’re new to the game, Omen is a really fun agent to try out.

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Phoenix is one of the most self-sufficient agents on the roster. He’s a fiery (literally) Londoner who controls various flame abilities.

Like Viper, he can put up a wall which prevents enemies’ sight lines, and like Brimstone he’s got a Molotov. Although these abilities hurt other players, they also heal Phoenix. His ultimate Run It Back means the agent can run in, hopefully, take down an agent or two, before being teleported back to the start of the ultimate with all his health restored. This makes it a great ability for aggressive players with little risk involved.

Mix these together and Phoenix is a good team player, providing he’s used right of course.


Valorant fans have complained about Raze’s abilities being too focused on damage in the past, which is a step away from the game’s philosophy that abilities are second to guns. Riot Games has since balanced her a little since launch, so she’s not as powerful as she used to be.

That being said, she’s an incredibly easy agent to learn how to play, making it easier to master her abilities. While she might not be the best duellist on this patch, she’s not a bad pick – so if you like playing her, you do you.

Valorant tier list: Yoru

Tier 4


Oh, Yoru. As a duelist, Yoru doesn’t offer much in comparison to someone like Phoenix, and as such, has a relatively low pick rate.

Yes, while he can be incredibly effective when his abilities are used right, his kit can be confusing and cause more problems than solutions. Fortunately, a much needed rework is on the way, so hopefully we’ll be able to bump him up a few places soon.


Brimstone smokes can be useful, but his kit ultimately lets him down when you consider the other agents on offer. As such, this agent has fallen out of the meta and we don’t expect him to climb the ranks again until Riot has rebalanced his kit.

And that’s that. If you’re planning on making your way all the way to Radiant in Valorant ranked, then you’re definitely going to need to get to grips with different agents. Obviously the meta will change with each and every update, so make sure you check back here to see where the game’s agents place in the future.