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Valorant 6.02 update to bring Riot Voice Evaluation beta to NA

The Valorant 6.02 update is set to see in the next evolution of developer Riot Games's voice evaluation system, which seeks to make targeting toxicity easier.

Valorant 6.02 update Riot Voice Evaluation beta: Harbor

Toxicity in competitive gaming has, unfortunately, traditionally been a part of its culture. However, as technology develops, studios are creating new tools to help ensure that those guilty of negative in-game behaviour get their just desserts. Valorant developer Riot Games is one such studio, and its voice evaluation system – Riot Voice Evaluation – is set to enter a “limited beta phase” in the Valorant 6.02 update.

According to the Valorant patch notes RVE, which had a background launch last year in order to train its language models, will now be deployed in NA for the purposes of enhancing “behavioural reports data collection capabilities”, and improving the impact of “comms related behavioural interventions.”

So what’s the point of RVE? According to Riot, voice evaluation provides a method of collecting “clear evidence that could verify any violations of behavioural policies” prior to action being levied against a player. The evidence can then be shared with the offender so they know exactly what they’ve been caught out for.

Of course, while some players may take the L and seek to reform their behaviour, many will inevitably pick up where they left off on another account. At the very least, the completed system should eventually help deter players who have sunk time into the Valorant ranks grind, or even their hard-earned money into Valorant skins, from being toxic in-game.

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