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Valorant patch 5.07 Collection changes will be expanded, says dev

The new Valorant patch 5.07 Collection changes will be built upon in the future, according to game production manager Micah Worsham

Valorant patch 5.07 Collection changes: Phoenix

The Valorant patch 5.07 notes have finally arrived, and as part of the new update the free shooting game’s developer, Riot Games, has implemented some much-needed quality of life updates in the Collection section, alongside a brand new randomiser feature for weapon skins. However, the studio isn’t stopping there, and is looking to further expand the new Valorant patch 5.07 Collection changes in the future.

With patch 5.07, players can now mark their favourite cosmetics, making it easier to keep tabs on the best Valorant skins they own. Additionally, it is now possible to filter a Collection, giving players more granular control over how they search for specific items – you can check our Valorant patch notes guide for the full details on both features

Of course, players will want to flex their ever-growing Collection, which is why Riot will now allow players to enter a match with a random weapon skin (and variant) in their collection that they’ve favourited

While this is a great start, game production manager Micah Worsham reckons that “there’s still so much more” that can be done, like the “inclusion of additional filtering options, a search function, expansion of the random feature to other content types, and more.”

Speaking on the changes themselves, Worsham says that, while Riot could have waited longer to release something more comprehensive, the team working on the features “didn’t want to wait until every possible option was covered”, and that it’s “better [to have] a version of something than not having it at all.”

Worsham also confirms that the team “are working on” further updates to these new systems, though he doesn’t give a timeline on when players can expect to see them in-game.