Valorant Pearl map release date, teasers, and more

The Valorant Pearl map release date is upon us, and thanks to a mixture of leaks and data mines we have the lowdown on its location, teasers, and more

Valorant Pearl Map Release Date: The map can be seen

Valorant is soon to enter Episode 5, and it’s been a hot minute since developer Riot Games has added a new map to its hit competitive FPS game. However, that is soon to change, with map number eight – called ‘Pearl’ – on the way. Indeed, the Valorant Pearl map release date is coming real soon.

As with anything shiny, new, and Valorant-related, data miners and leakers have been hard at work bringing to light as many details surrounding both the Valorant Pearl map release date and what the new map entails as possible. Originally codenamed ‘Pitt’, it looks like we could soon be heading below Portuguese waters into a whole new sub-aquatic arena.

Naturally, we’ve scoured only the most reputable sources when putting together this guide, which will prep you with everything you need to know about the new Valorant map, including all of the teasers Riot has sneakily been dropping about it, any trailers the developer has dropped, details on the map itself as well as its location, and of course that all important release date.


The Valorant Pearl map release date is June 22, 2022. Riot has confirmed that the map’s release date coincides with the arrival of Episode 5 Act 1.

As with previous map releases, Pearl won’t immediately enter the competitive map rotation for a couple of weeks – until July 12 with Valorant patch 5.01, to be precise.

To give players time to warm up to the map before they take the plunge, Pearl will be getting its own dedicated queue in the meantime.


Pearl is set beneath the Portuguese waves on Omega Earth. Riot says there are no special mechanics like doors or teleporters, just three simple lanes – one small mid lane, and two long range lanes on the flanks. However, there is an element of verticality, as Attackers have to descend into Defender territory on this two-site map.

In-keeping with its Portuguese roots, Pearl will also feature murals from Portuguese muralists, and the map’s music is a piece of traditional Portuguese fado, produced by local artists.


You can check out the Valorant Pearl map trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alongside the trailer, Riot has dropped a number of screenshots showcasing Pearl in its full glory.


The Valorant Pearl map is set in Lisbon, Portugal on Omega Earth. Although we know for sure that the map is based in Portugal, a number of teasers – both in-game and on social media – have heavily hinted that its capital is where the new map is more-specifically located. More on those below.


The teasers for Pearl can be sorted into two categories: those officially shared by Riot on social media, and those hidden by the developer in-game.


While we could go through each in-game teaser for Pearl, we’ll leave it to the pros this time. Below you’ll find a comprehensive Twitter thread put together by Valorant associate narrative writer and lore maestro ‘Cynprel’ in conjunction with ValorLeaks.

Here, you’ll find the clearest hints that the next map will be based in Lisbon, Portugal.


The first inkling that Valorant’s new map would be nautically-themed came at the end of May, with Riot sharing that “something special’s bubbling up” in the popular competitive FPS game. In the attached image, a trio can be seen huddled around a large tank of various marine life. Some have been quick to point out this could be Lisbon’s Oceanarium.

However, a day later the studio throws us off the scent, revealing the Neptune bundle.

But Aquarium week continues, and players are soon asked to name Neptune’s familiars. Seems… fishy.

As Aquarium week ends, Riot leaves us with a final glimpse at those four Neptunian familiars, leaving a kelpful (sorry) hint that we could be about to discover “an entirely different world” underwater. The final two words are in Portuguese – Até logo, ‘see you soon’. Uh-huh.

Last week, Riot was back at it again, dropping a Portuguese Kingdom Industries poster captioned “prepare to dive.” The text, as helpfully translated by Twitter user ‘gaberillaz’, reads (from top to bottom): “Celebrate our city, the wonder beneath the waves. Sanctuary Day. Kingdom Industries, your future is safe.”

Then there’s this flagrant little number. “Which agent would you rather go scuba diving with?” Riot isn’t even trying to hide it at this point.

Finally, and most recently, we get this gorgeously-festive shot, with the Sanctuary Day poster displayed on a window.

And that’s all we have for now on the Valorant Pearl map release date, alongside all of the details and teasers currently available in-game and out. While you’re waiting for the new map to drop, make sure your best Valorant crosshair is set up properly, and take a look at our how to get better at Valorant guide if you’re still struggling in the Valorant ranks.