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New Remnant 2 update fixes “large discrepancy” for progression balance

Gunfire Games unleashes a brand new Remnant 2 update across PS5 and Xbox, bringing welcome changes to the game's progression and levelling.

Remnant 2 update progression balance

New tweaks are live now in Remnant 2, as developer Gunfire Games releases one of the biggest patches for the game yet. Ahead of the game’s first major DLC expansion, the new Remnant 2 update introduces several quality-of-life fixes for players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox platforms. This includes a significant alteration to player progression, armor, and archetypes.

According to the recent list of changes in the Remnant 2 patch notes, Gunfire Games explains that “in this patch, we wanted to clean up armor and damage reduction. There was a large discrepancy between different armors when considering armor granted versus weight. Some armors would grant incredible armor per weight point, others would fall behind greatly.” Principal designer Ben Cureton previously teases changes related to armor on social media, alongside a Remnant 2 trait cap increase, for one of the best RPG games 2023 has to offer.

To accommodate using the best Remnant 2 weapons with various armor types, the patch notes indicate that this is achieved by “creating a curve where light armor has the most efficient ratio of armor granted per weight cost, and the heaviest armor was the least efficient (but still grants a lot more than light armor). There are a few variances, but lighter armor sets and individual pieces will have a higher armor to weight ratio than heavier armor.”

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Naturally, this update does give way statistical changes around weight values for armor, in order to keep the game feeling balanced. Specifically, Gunfire Games says “some armors gained weight (like Challenger’s Armor, for example), but to compensate, we’ve made an adjustment to [the] Strong Back [trait].” The Strong Back is invaluable for maintaining mobility in Remnant 2, and can be found in one of the best Remnant 2 classes, the Challenger.

Additionally, you can find information below on Strong Back’s new purpose, alongside improvements to stamina usage:

  • Fixed the Stamina Cost penalty for each armor weight class so that they represent a better tradeoff between Damage Reduction, Weight, and Stamina Costs. What this means is that the heaviest armor will have a stronger Stamina Cost for stamina-based actions
  • Better fitting with the moniker ‘Strong Back’, players spec’ed into the Trait will be able to wear heavier armor, fit into a lighter weight class, while still maintaining their actual weight
  •  Adjusted Armor to Weight Ratio for all armor sets
  • Adjusted Weight Class Stamina Penalty for Medium, Heavy, and Ultra Heavy
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You can put this update to the test now within the new Remnant 2 Aberration Domination event, which includes a wealth of new rewards and challenging enemies to defeat. With so many new PS5 games and new Xbox games to keep an eye out for, don’t forget to tune back into Remnant 2 soon, as the game’s first DLC is on the horizon.