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Remnant 2’s new Halloween event yields rewards with “untold potential”

Remnant 2's Aberration Domination event are your plans for Halloween, as Gunfire Games drops new rewards and menacing enemies to defeat.

Remnant 2 aberration domination event update

We hope you’re ready to bear arms and battle The Root once more, as Remnant 2 brings forth a new major update across PS5 and Xbox platforms. To get players into the spirit of all things scary this Halloween, developer Gunfire Games launches the Remnant 2 Aberration Domination event, and you’ve got a limited window to participate. Here’s what you need to know about the new Remnant 2 update.

Gather round, Remnant 2 players, the time to draw the best Remnant 2 weapons is definitely now. Gunfire Games details in the game’s latest patch notes that it is time to “embrace the eerie atmosphere as the veil between realms grows thin, granting the Root an opportunity to unleash a horde of menacing Aberrations across all worlds! From [Friday] October 27 to [Tuesday] October 31, gear up and face this haunting challenge head-on.” The Aberration Domination event focuses on players defeating all manner of twisted foes, while also collecting “the elusive Corrupted Shards, a rare material with untold potential.”

You’ll need to begin the new Halloween event at Ward 13, the game’s primary hub world, to get started. Once you’re there, Gunfire Games explains that you can trade “Corrupted Shards to craft corrupted versions of some special weapons.” Whether you’re dabbling with new additions to your arsenal from McCabe or Brabus, any of your Remnant 2 classes are about to get some serious firepower added to them. The special event for one of the best RPG games this year is live now, and is applied once you’ve downloaded the latest patch.

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The Aberration Domination event drops alongside a suite of changes to the game, which principal designer Ben Cureton discusses on social media. Those changes include tweaks to Remnant 2 armor, as well as a long-awaited Remnant 2 trait cap increase. We’re all looking to craft an amazing build, and these changes from the game’s new patch notes make conjuring one of the best Remnant 2 classes around easier.

Here are the quality-of-life improvements that Remnant 2 implements:

  • Improved Evade detection as client in multiplayer games.
  • Updated the Multiplayer Join process to make for a smoother overall experience
  • Clients will now join at or near the host’s location instead of automatically starting in Spectator Mode, unless the host is in a boss fight or event region
  • Players can now create a gear preset and then recall it with a single button press. This includes Weapons, Mods, Mutators, Archetypes, Skills, Relics, Fragments, etc. Loadouts will also save and recall Traits but will only recall them if you have the Orb of Undoing in your inventory. Loadouts cannot be used in combat
  • Added loads of new aberrations
  • We’ve added lots of brand-new aberrations. These will have the potential to spawn in all play modes and difficulties
  • Added new affixes for aberrations
  • Lots of new and challenging affixes for the new and existing aberrations.
  • Added new mutators
  • Fun new mutators to test out and find the right one for your build
  • Added a new currency acquired from aberrations
  • New currency to gain access to something new. Perhaps Dwell might be interested in this new currency

These updates are arriving at an exciting time for Remnant 2, as the game’s first DLC continues to be teased by Cureton. We expect to see some devilish new enemies in the DLC, which is the first of three major expansions for the game.

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