Major Remnant 2 armor changes are coming alongside loadouts, at last

Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton is detailing some huge upcoming armor changes on Reddit and confirms loadouts are finally coming.

Remnant 2 armor changes Dev Loop 002: an image of a woman with a tank top on from the RPG

If you’re sitting there wondering where the next major Remnant 2 update is and what you can expect from it, you’ll be pleased to know that a lead developer has taken to Reddit to share what Gunfire Games is focusing on next – and it’s going to affect everyone playing. If you’re waiting for Remnant 2 loadouts, you’ll be pleased to know that it sounds like they’re on the way alongside some interesting Remnant 2 armor changes you’ll want to keep in mind.

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 might not be the biggest RPG game of the year with the likes of Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3 dropping, but it’s certainly one of the best RPG games and a fantastic option for those of you looking for new Xbox games and new PS5 games to play – even if it has been out a few months. However, it isn’t quite perfect just yet. In pursuit of that elusive perfection, though, Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton has laid out what Gunfire Games is working on for its next title update and what players can expect beyond that.

In the second Dev Loop post on the Remnant 2 subreddit, Cureton explains that Gunfire Games’ next major update will include a series of armor changes that should make aspects of the system like the “armor to weight ratio” and “survivability versus stamina cost” simpler and fairer. It also sounds like the update is going to address armor trade-offs, namely to do with the infamous Bright Steel Ring.

Gunfire Games’ next major Remnant 2 update will see armor on a scale from Bandit (around 2.52 armor per weight) to Leto’s MK1 (around 1.90 armor per weight). It might seem like a slight difference, but it adds up and the heavier armors should find that this ratio of armor to weight is less effective than lighter armor options. It won’t matter too much if you’re using one of the best Remnant 2 classes or not, Gunfire Games’ new armor system should offer a fairer ratio across the board.

Remnant 2 Armor changes Dev Loop 002: a copy of the Reddit post discussing the weight ratio

Cureton also highlights that the stamina penalty costs for armor should actually match the UI moving forward, meaning they’ll be light (0%), medium (25%), heavy (50%), and ultra heavy (75%). Previously, ultra heavy was just 45% – so, expect these tankier builds to be a lot slower than they once were.

Bright Steel Ring, a rather over-powered bit of equipment, is also being changed to Dull Steel Ring with a new effect of lowering your armor class by one – meaning you’ll benefit from lower stamina costs. Cureton explains that “it’s still effectively a single ring that grants 25 reduced encumberance”, but it’s just not an “infinite encumberance reduction ring” anymore.

Remnant 2 armor changes Dev Loop 002: a copy of the Reddit post

Gunfire Games is also doing a sweep on “about 35 survivability amulets and rings” – which should make them more enticing than before – to coincide with these armor changes. It’s also reworking the Strong Back trait, increasing the Dodge Weight Threshold to make it more worthwhile moving forward. If you’re looking at updating your character with some of the best Remnant 2 traits, Strong Back could be a real contender once the update drops.

Oh, and on top of all that, Cureton dropped a “yep” under a subheading in the Dev Loop about loadouts. So, it looks like they’re finally on the way, too. In the comments, he also confirmed that you’ll have more than five loadouts and they’ll also account for your traits when you use them – so, not just your armor and gear.

Content creator ‘hitmanbk‘ discusses everything here, if you’re interested. They wish there were a few more new features discussed, but the fact that loadouts are on the way is far from a bad thing.

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When is this all coming? Well, Cureton hasn’t shared that information just yet, but we expect that it’s sooner rather than later with all these changes being talked about in such detail. There’s also going to be a sweep on weapons, archetypes, traits, and mods in the future; but, for now, it looks like Gunfire Games is focusing its efforts on ensuring the armor system is in the right place.

With Remnant 2 having three DLCs planned and all these improvements in the works, it’s well worth keeping an eye on going forward. You may also be interested to learn that Remnant 2 draws on ancient Greek poetry nearly as much as it does Resident Evil while we wait for more from Gunfire Games. We certainly didn’t expect to see that connection drawn by the developers.