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Remnant 2 has 3 major DLCs planned, here’s when we’ll learn more

Gunfire Games' Remnant 2 is a few months old now, but the developer is far from finished and we reckon we know when more Remnant 2 DLC information is coming.

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If you’re looking for more from Remnant 2 now that it has been around a few months, you’ll be pleased to know that some major Remnant 2 DLC is coming and we know when we’re likely to learn more. This RPG does offer up some replayability, but new content never hurt anyone – right?

One of the best RPG games of the year, Remnant 2 is something of a triumph for Gunfire Games. The studio takes everything great about the first Remnant game and refines it with new systems in the sequel. If you want to explore all the Remnant 2 classes, you’re also looking at quite a lot of game. However, with the game only around 30 hours long on average, quite a few of you will be wanting more. Remnant From The Ashes ended up getting two bits of DLC, so what about Remnant 2?

Well, in an interview with Shack News, principal environment artist Shaun Brahmsteadt II reveals that Remnant 2 has “3 DLCs planned” which “all fans of Remnant 2 will be pretty excited for”.

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While this isn’t necessarily new information, it might come as something of a surprise to quite a few of you – and that’s for good reason. Gunfire Games has been keeping quiet about Remnant 2 post-launch content, focusing more on discussing updates and improvements being rolled out continuously. For example, these Remnant 2 buffs make sure the biggest boss is actually you and Remnant 2’s principal designer is teasing awesome updates for traits.

However, whether Gunfire Games is talking about it a lot or not, there is Remnant 2 DLC coming and that’s very exciting. In official imagery of the DLC Bundle, it states that “all DLC [will be] released within one year of launch”, but when are we going to start finding out about it?

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If you can believe it, Remnant 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2022. We know that doesn’t guarantee anything, but we think it’s likely that we’ll learn something about the first piece of Remnant 2 DLC at The Game Awards 2023 – which is being held December 7. Of course, take that with a pinch of salt; we could even find something out before then, but we expect the first piece of DLC to arrive in Q1 2024. So, an announcement a month or two before that at TGA is far from far-fetched.

If you’re wondering how we worked that one out, we looked at how long after the first Remnant’s release Gunfire Games released the first bit of DLC. Remnant From The Ashes dropped in August 2019 and the first expansion, Swamps of Corsus, was released April 2020. So, with Remnant 2 releasing July 2023, we should expect to see the first expansion release in March 2024 – if the cadence is the same.

But, alas, we won’t know anything more officially until Gunfire Games shares it. So, for now, why not read up on how Remnant 2 draws on ancient Greek poetry as much as it does Resident Evil here and make sure you have all the best Remnant 2 weapons to hand right here. It’s never a bad time to shore up your arsenal.