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Remnant 2 length - how long to beat the game

Find out the Remnant 2 length and how long it takes to beat the game and see all it has to offer across its randomly generated levels.

Remnant 2 Length: A soldier can be seen

How long does it take to beat Remnant 2? You might be keen on finding out the number of hours that it takes to clear the campaign. Our guide discusses the Remnant 2 length, and the main objectives that we encountered during our playthrough.

Remnant 2 is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox and the game has several zones, bosses, and secrets, some of which have alternate outcomes. Naturally, your mileage may vary depending on how you approach the campaign, and how much you want to experience out of a single run, but there is an average for how long it takes to beat if you focus on the story and getting through each of the levels.

Remnant 2 length

Remnant 2 takes roughly 15-20 hours to complete the story, going by our own experience in our Remnant 2 review. That means focusing primarily on main quest objectives in each zone: Losomn, Labyrinth, N’erud, Yaesha, and the final area. Seeing everything in a playthrough can take significantly longer.

You’ll simply need to beeline for areas and dungeons that have an exclamation point, as they refer to the important tasks if you do want to mainline the story.

This is also on par with its predecessor, 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes. According to HowLongtoBeat.com, those who played the first Remnant game took around 13 hours to complete the main story only. Meanwhile, those who did the main story and side content spent around 20 hours. However, completionists who tried to discover everything spent 55 hours. All in all, an average run clocked in at roughly 18 hours.

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In our review, we mentioned that our campaign experience was quite different compared to how others can progress. You can expect this while playing, as you and a friend might receive different main quests leading to different areas, along with the bosses that you face.

Our playthrough was as follows:

  • Losomn – Think of Losomn as the horror-themed zone, especially with its dark atmosphere. We heard of the Nightweaver, a specter that haunted the asylum. That led us to collect various dolls until we were able to free a spirit. Eventually, we took down the Nightweaver boss.
  • Labyrinth – The Labyrinth has portals that take you to other zones. We recall having two major encounters here.
  • N’erud – N’erud is an ash-covered wasteland with sci-fi themes. After taking down numerous robots and drones, we battled the Sha’hala Guardian boss, a giant alien creature.
  • Yaesha – Veterans of the first game might remember Yaesha, a world that’s filled with forests. Now, though, the place has been infested by the Root. we also fought a returning foe here, the Corrupted Ravager.
  • Finale – The major world bosses that we defeated yielded quest items, allowing us to reach the game’s last zone. The paths here are fairly straightforward, and you won’t really need to worry too much about other dungeons on the side. Eventually, we faced off against the final boss.

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Factors that can affect your Remnant 2 playtime

Several factors can affect the Remnant 2 length and campaign playtime:

  • Solo play versus co-op – Journeying alone is significantly more challenging. As noted in our review, it feels as though the game was designed solely with co-op in mind. As such, solo players will be heavily reliant on the best classes, such as the Medic and Handler, if they want to survive. Conversely, given that up to three players can try Remnant 2’s co-op mode, you can easily have a decent squad makeup to eliminate your foes.
  • Puzzles – Believe it or not, Remnant 2 also has several tricky puzzles, some of which will stump you. Examples include the Losomn Safe Codes and Cathedral of Omens. Moreover, the Yaesha Great Water Harp puzzle isn’t optional, as it’s required for progression. You can visit the handy guides that we linked here in case you want to know the solutions.
  • Collecting more gear – Can you progress further in the campaign with just your starter gear? You probably could, especially if you picked the Medic. However, most players will definitely explore the game world, which is filled with dungeons and other items.
  • Alternative outcomes and rewards – Naturally, the game’s emphasis on dynamic progression and replayability also need to be considered. In our experience, although we could just beeline straight for the main objectives, we wanted to discover alternate kill methods for bosses. Since we had several back-up saves, we kept reloading these to find the different rewards, sometimes replaying a few sections if we wanted to keep that reward for good.
  • Adventure Mode – Beating the final boss of a zone also makes Adventure Mode available. This allows you to replay that particular zone as a self-contained run, of sorts. Sometimes, you might even start out with a different main quest from what you completed during the campaign.

Overall, while you can beat Remnant 2 in a more straightforward way, its replayability and co-op features will nudge you along to try something new. This will extend you playtime as you journey onward in its mysterious worlds.

In any case, that covers what to expect from the Remnant 2 length. For other tips as you play, you can take a look at our guide on the Remnant 2 multiplayer and how it works, as well as the selection of Remnant 2 classes to choose from.