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Starfield mod might be teasing huge new feature for Xbox RPG

We might not have Starfield mods on Xbox yet, but they're proving fruitful when it comes to discovering possible new features for the RPG.

Starfield space station outpost building: an image of a woman frowning with eye emojis

If you’re wondering why Starfield lets you build an outpost on any planet you want, but not in the orbit of those planets, you’re not alone. The combination of the impressive ship customization options and the base-building mechanics should be enough to facilitate that, right? Well, maybe. A Starfield space station outpost building mechanic has been unlocked by mods on PC, which might mean it’s something Xbox players can look forward to – officially – in the future.

Bethesda’s Starfield might be one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available right now and one of the best RPG games of the year, but Xbox players are still hungry for more from this already-expansive experience. Whether that’s simple changes to New Game Plus to make it more worthwhile or more on upcoming Starfield DLC, the internet is alive with questions and requests for Bethesda.

One thing people aren’t talking about enough, though, is the idea of building space bases. If you can build on on any of the Starfield planets you want, why shouldn’t you be able to build one in space? Space stations are a fun feature in Starfield and the fact that the game doesn’t actually let you create and run your own one is a shame.

Although, that doesn’t mean it’s going to always be the case. As Redditor ‘TaintedSquirrel‘ shares online, it looks like space station building mechanics are hiding in Starfield’s game files and modders are working on opening up access to them ahead of any official update adding the feature. We don’t know quite how much of the leg work the mod actually is doing for the PC version of Starfield; this NexusMods page isn’t nearly that specific. However, it’s clear that this feature is present in some capacity – as, for example, the mod doesn’t add any of the building parts.

Starstation Outposts discovered in the game files and unlocked with a mod
byu/TaintedSquirrel inStarfield

Of course, though, before you get too excited, it’s worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt. It’s an exciting discovery, but it could also just be a remnant of a cut feature lost in the game’s files.

That being said, Bethesda did add house-building to Skyrim in a post-launch update – which is similar to space station building, we suppose. It also added more base-building content to Fallout 4 in a post launch update. With that track record, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see a feature like space station building introduced in the future.

For now, though, Xbox players will just have to wait and see – and PC players will be able to trawl through the best Starfield mods for access to these (maybe) hidden features. We have everything we know about the Starfield Xbox mods release date right here, in the meantime.

If this has you thinking about making another outpost, we have all the best Starfield outpost locations for you to check out right here. It’s also worth checking out the best Starfield weapons, too – especially if you have a new outpost you need to defend. We know Starfield fans feel like its biggest feature is also its “least rewarding”, but this game is still in its infancy. This discovery, in a way, is a perfect example of that. We’re expecting Bethesda to support this with new content and features for years to come.

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