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Starfield fans pinpoint simple NG+ change needed to “give it purpose”

Starfield fans are fed up with New Game Plus and feel like they know how Bethesda could update and improve the experience moving forward.

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If you’re enjoying your time with Bethesda’s Starfield but you can’t quite see the point in starting New Game Plus, you’re not alone. In fact, quite a few fans feel as though Starfield NG+ is a bit of a waste of time and effort. However, those same fans have come up with a simple – and effective – way of adding a little more meaning to your decision to kick-off your adventure all over again; we can’t help but feel like Bethesda should be taking some notes when it comes to this.


Bethesda’s Starfield is – without a shadow of a doubt – one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available right now and easily among the best RPG games to come out this year. It presents players with an expansive adventure in a detailed universe with all the charm you expect from a Bethesda experience. Of course, you could – even now – find some faults with it, but all of these seem rather insignificant when you compare them to the wider experience on offer. Well, except for the Starfield New Game Plus mode. This just sort of stinks a little – even though it’s a traditional New Game Plus experience.

When you reach the end of the main quests in Starfield, you can kick off New Game Plus and do it all over again. There are some interesting things to look forward to here, like some variations on the main questline – with some characters reportedly missing altogether from some playthroughs – and a unique Starborn spacesuit and spaceship. However, you lose all your equipment, all your gear, everything you own, and have to start everything again from scratch.

One of the few things that doesn’t get wiped clean, though, is your selection of skills and traits. If you have some of the best Starfield skills unlocked, this is great news – not to mention something that is commonplace in New Game Plus modes more generally speaking. However, in a game as expansive as Starfield, fans just can’t see the point in starting New Game Plus.

Something that would change that, though, it seems, is the ability to respec your character – and we don’t think it would be too outrageous to see Bethesda introduce this change.

In the comments of a thread from ‘ErroneousZeroni‘ – someone who can’t really see the appeal of New Game Plus – Starfield fans seem in agreement that the ability to reallocate any skill points you’ve spent and pick new character traits would make New Game Plus a lot more appealing.

Does anyone else have 0 desire to go NG+?
byu/ErroneousZeroni inStarfield

With some playthroughs running into the hundreds of hours, we can see why anyone would want to change things up a bit. Right now, it seems like a lot of players are just starting new characters instead of exploring New Game Plus – and any additional New Game Plus saves after that.

One player says that this would be “a nice reward for story completion” while another says that “this is all [Bethesda] needs to do to give it purpose”.

We don’t know whether that would be the only change Bethesda could make to improve upon the current offering, but it’s clear that this is a minor one that could draw more players into the mode ahead of any Starfield DLC. You lose all the best Starfield weapons you’ve collected, and any ships you’ve spent perfecting are forgotten about. So, why not let players tackle another one of the best Starfield builds when they hop back into a new universe? It doesn’t sound like an outrageous request to us.

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Will we actually see this, though? Well, only time will tell. While we wait to find out if Bethesda has anything like that planned, you can check out this crafty Starfield weapon case glitch here – which will help you get that god roll you’ve been after – and why this is Starfield’s least popular faction. We’re sorry if you’re a fan of corporate espionage.

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