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Crafty Starfield weapon case glitch perfect for getting god rolls

If you're a Starfield player on the hunt for the best weapons in Bethesda's galaxy, you can save yourself a lot of time using this Starfield weapon case glitch.

Starfield weapon case glitch exploit: an image of a woman in front of an outpost from the Xbox RPG

If you’re struggling to find decent weapons in Bethesda’s Starfield, you’re not alone – and, in each individual situation, there’s not a lot you can actually do to change that. Almost all the weapons in Starfield rely on a rolling system, meaning all the stats and perks each weapon has are randomized every time one drops as loot. If you want to cheat the system, though, this Starfield weapon case glitch is something you should definitely try out.

Bethesda’s Starfield is undeniably one of the best RPG games of the year, and we think there’s a strong case to be made for naming this as one of the best games on consoles, period. However, getting your hands on the best Starfield weapons can be a bit of a chore at the best of times; if you’re not after some unique items with fixed stats, you’re at the mercy of RNG and the random rolling Bethesda has employed. This can work in your favor on occassion, but more often than not it’ll work against you and you’ll be looting items that are weaker and worse than what you’re using at the time.

So, that’s why you should take advantage of the Starfield weapon case glitch; using this, you’ll be able to cut down your time looting significantly, improve your chances of getting a god roll weapon, and make sure you’re ready for tackling anyone or anything that stands in your way as you career across the cosmos. Sounds nice, right?

Spotted in the comments of this Reddit thread on a weapon that could be “banned by the Geneva Convention” in Starfield (a Coachman with an impressive explosive payload modification), the weapon case glitch is an exploit that requires players to repeatedly place crafted weapon cases at an outpost – which will be filled with random weapons – and then use Starfield’s quick save system to re-roll the stats of the weapons until you get one you want.

My new favorite weapon, pretty sure it’s banned by the Geneva convention
byu/iSwearSheWas56 inStarfield

We know this looks a little confusing at first, messing around with quick saves can get like that. So, here’s a quick step-by-step on what you need to do in order to take advantage of this exploit.

  • Create an Outpost (any Planet or Moon will do)
  • Craft and place a Weapon Case (you can place as many as you’d like)
  • Quick Save your game without opening the Weapon Case
  • Reload the Quick Save you just made
  • Check the Weapon Case (you can delete your Outpost to quickly collect multiple Weapon Cases
  • Reload the Quick Save if the weapon isn’t what you want / good enough
  • Rinse and repeat (and reap the rewards, eventually)

One thing worth noting is that, if you want to increase your chances at getting improved weapon rolls, you should try to do this in a high-level system at a higher difficulty level. The difficulty level may not affect how your loot rolls (it can’t help to try it, though), but being in a higher-level system will improve your chances of getting a god roll.

This is also a fantastic way to earn credits – as you can sell any weapons you pick up. But, once you open a Weapon Case and claim the weapon, then you’re going to need to craft another one to try again. So, making sure you have enough raw resources is important.

This exploit has been out a while, but it seems to remain unpatched – for now. We don’t know when Bethesda will ‘fix’ things, so it’s better to try this out sooner rather than later. We can imagine it will definitely be removed by the time the Starfield DLC arrives, in any case.

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If you want to check this out, but you’re looking to set yourself up with a more permanent Outpost in the process, you can find our picks for the best Starfield Outpost locations and planets right here. Although, this works on any one of the Starfield planets available – so, don’t worry too much about the conditions being right.

In any case, this is a far better way to get weapons and credits than the quests for some of the Starfield factions. In fact, we know what Starfield’s least popular faction is, and it makes a lot of sense as to why you’re all dropping it after joining. In a similar fashion, Bethesda’s really missing the mark with this unqiue Starfield reward, which is a shame. At least, we suppose, we can still save-scum some decent weapons – for now, anyway.

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