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Bethesda majorly misses the mark with this unique Starfield reward

There's a lot for Xbox players to love in Starfield, but the Advanced Old Earth spacesuit set you get for collecting all the snow globes just isn't one of them.

Starfield Advanced Old Earth spacesuit: an image of Andreja sad and the moon landing

Getting your hands on new (and hopefully improved) gear in Starfield is never really a bad thing, but fans of Bethesda’s latest RPG can’t help but feel like the selection of unique rewards on offer is lacking – especially when you look at what games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim offer up. In some instances, Bethesda really nails it – offering players an exciting unique reward for a job well done. However, the Starfield Advanced Old Earth spacesuit set – which you get for collecting all the Starfield snow globes – is a prime example where Bethesda dramatically misses the mark.

Now, we’re not here to start arguing whether Bethesda’s Starfield should still be considered one of the best RPG games out there at the moment or not, but quest rewards are a huge part of what makes these games tick. Sure, Starfield isn’t quite as loot-based as a game like Destiny 2 or Diablo 4, but players still want to be rewarded for their efforts beyond new lore – which we think is more than fair when it comes to collecting all the Old Earth snow globes.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, there’s a secret quest in Starfield which you can complete by collecting a series of 14 snow globes hidden on Earth, Mars, and the Moon in the Sol System. Each one is something of a reward for players visiting and exploring the surviving landmarks on these Starfield planets – places like the Great Pyramids of Giza on Earth or the Opportunity Rover on Mars.

At first, these might just seem like fun little trinkets you can use to decorate your Captain’s Quarters with – and they are. However, collecting them all actually leads to a more substantial reward: the Advanced Old Earth spacesuit, Advanced Old Earth helmet, and Advanced Old Earth pack. While this unique reward is far from the worst thing, fans are finding themselves frustrated with the fact that the reward itself is so lacklustre; when you take into account the effort that goes into finding all of the snow globes, and the theme of the task itself, the Advanced Old Earth spacesuit set misses the mark – and we agree.

Not only is the Advanced Old Earth spacesuit set far from the best option available to you – even if you focus on this in the early stages of your playthrough – it also doesn’t look like any sort of ‘Old Earth’ spacesuit at all. As you can see in the Reddit post that sparked this outcry below, three of the snow globes are specifically NASA focused and the Advanced Old Earth spacesuit set is far from what we know of spacesuits right now. Even as an ‘Advanced’ iteration of an ‘Old Earth’ spacesuit, you would expect something resembling the spacesuits we know as a reward.

All 14 Snow Globes and Advanced Old Earth Reward
byu/Otaewaiv inStarfield

This is a huge missed opportunity by Bethesda and a reward that’s indicative of player’s wider concerns with Starfield as a whole. One player rightfully says that this should, at the very least, be a legendary reward – like the Starfield Mantis puzzle solution rewards. Another believes that an activity like this should offer up multiple skins – for weapons and spacesuits – rather than just one. While we would like to think that would be a good idea, at the very least the spacesuit set you get should resemble an Apollo spacesuit.

As you can see below, though, (thanks to the StarfieldDB entry page for the Advanced Old Earth spacesuit) it just looks like an early iteration of the mining spacesuit you start with – which is a real shame.

Starfield Advanced Old Earth spacesuit: an image of the spacesuit from StarfieldDB

You can also find a guide to all the snow globe locations yourself below, if you do want to check out all the landmarks in-game:

YouTube Thumbnail

This is just the latest example of an issue which Starfield fans hope the upcoming Starfield DLC solves – or, at least, a collection of Starfield Xbox mods addresses when they’re available. Whether you’re using the best Starfield weapons or not, Starfield fans want Bethesda to up the ante in boss battles – complaining that they’re too lacklustre given the lore implications of each one. Not only this, but Starfield fans also feel that the RPG’s best mission is lacking in a rather key area – again, the build-up outsells the result.

These collectible snow globes, while not exactly the same as a questline where you go toe-to-toe with Terrormorphs, is similar in the sense that the payoff of the quest itself is ultimately a lacklustre disappointment. Sure, when you look at the best Starfield builds and the impressive Starfield ship customization system, this game offers players a lot of freedom. However, it’s hard to deny that there are a lot of instances where Starfield just misses the mark and doesn’t stick the landing it does so well at preparing for.

You may, though, be surprised to learn that every Starfield spaceship has a ‘Rage Quit’ button that actually works – which is both a fun nod to gaming culture and a fantastic feature for players who struggle with space battles. If you’re looking for some new Xbox games with more rewarding pay-offs, you should check out some of the best Xbox Game Pass games, though. One of 2023’s best horror games is joining Game Pass in a matter of days; it’s okay to take a break from Starfield.

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