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Xbox players call on Starfield to up the ante in boss battles with DLC

If you're an Xbox player who thinks Starfield's bosses are a little lacklustre, you're not alone, but the upcoming Starfield DLC could really improve things.

Starfield bosses: an image of Sarah Morgan and a thinking emoji alongside Liberty Prime and Mithraak

Bethesda’s Starfield is a sprawling space adventure with literally hundreds of hours of content for players to explore. However, some of that content is leaving Xbox players a little ‘wanting’ – as in, wanting more chaotic boss battles and wild weapons, of course. Sure, there’s a decent selection of Starfield bosses for you to take on as you chase artifacts and continue Constellation’s quest, but they’re also all a little too… normal.

When you look at Bethesda’s catalog of games before Starfield – like Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim – you’ll find that there are more than enough larger-than-life enemies for you to take down. Sure, this latest release might be one of the best RPG games the studio has presented players with since Oblivion, but it’s still lacking these truly memorable boss battles – and the loot that goes with them.

As highlighted by the relatable Redditor ‘LazyOldMan‘ (yes, that’s actually their username), Starfield doesn’t really have memorable enemies like the Fallout Series’ Liberty Prime, the Scorchbeast Queen from Fallout 76, Skyrim’s Skeletal Dragon or the draugr Red Eagle. Almost every major enemy you face in Starfield is, and we quote, “in great health with all limbs attached and normal sized” – which is a roundabout way of saying they’re a little boring. Sure, some of those enemies will drop the best Starfield weapons out there, but even these are largely just improved versions of basic weapons you can find on any one of Starfield’s planets.

To Starfield’s credit, the characters you come across when you’re chasing bosses are quite interesting – more often than not, anyway. Paxton Hull and Maya Cruz are both interesting characters, and you do come across a handful of strange alien beasts (we’re looking at you, XL-069 Interloper).

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However, in a game of such scale, these are so few and far between that you could miss them entirely if you’re not careful. And, even then, they’re not as memorable as facing off against Miraak in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC – or, indeed, dealing with Paarthurnax (if you’re a little anti-dragon).

That’s where the Starfield DLC can come into play, though. Bethesda hasn’t given anyone an ETA yet, but this is the perfect chance for Starfield to right the wrongs of not having some truly exceptional and – pardon the space reference – out of this world boss battles. Even this “awesome” cloaked Terrormorph fight feels a little lacklustre compared to what we know Bethesda can do – although the content creator disposing of it does deal with his foe quite effectively.

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Shockingly, this isn’t the first thing Starfield fans have been able to agree upon when it comes to this Xbox RPG recently. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Starfield’s best mission is lacking in one key area – which Starfield Xbox mods may be able to fix – and Starfield’s melee combat system is in dire need of a “dramatic rework” too – an issue that may take modders a little longer to resolve.

It’s not all doom and gloom ahead of any post-launch content, though; Xbox players will be pleased to know that a Starfield FOV slider was included in the latest title update and there are still plenty of Starfield legendary weapons for you to find.

When it comes to big boss battles, though, you’re just going to have to wait and see what Bethesda has in store. There are a few decent Starfield unique weapons out there, and we can imagine any additional content will introduce more, but you should probably temper your expectations a little bit if you’re hoping to see giant robots like the Fallout series’ Liberty Prime.