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Every Starfield ship has a ‘Rage Quit’ button, and it actually works

Eagle-eyed Starfield fans are noticing a 'Rage Quit' button on their ship command console, and it's the perfect way to avoid destruction in the stars above.

Starfield space combat Raege Quit button: an image of Sarah Morgan frowning

We know Starfield space combat isn’t the most complex system we’ve ever seen in an RPG game, but it can be quite unforgiving if you’re not careful; there’s not a lot to hide behind out there, after all. If you’re someone who finds themselves struggling in space, you may be surprised to learn that the ships in Starfield come with a ‘Rage Quit’ button – one that actually seems to work. Hopping off the pilot’s seat might not be the first thing you think of when you’re under fire, but it might just save your life.

One thing we love about Bethesda’s Starfield – which we think helps cement it as one of the best RPG games of the year – is just how tactile everything is. It’s easy to imagine a futuristic world with holograms and touchscreens as far as the eye can see, but the world you’re met with in Starfield is tangible and real. This also helps make it one of the best Xbox Game Pass games out there right now; well, aside from all the Starfield planets and Starfield characters, of course.

If you look closely at your ship’s control console, for example, you’re met with a multitude of buttons, lights flickering, and switches waiting to be flipped. While a lot of these inputs are, as you might imagine, purely cosmetic, it does look like the rather amusing ‘Rage Quit’ button – which we didn’t even notice at first – actually works when you’re in space combat.

A detail eagle-eyed fans may have already spotted, and highlighted online by ‘JasonTDnDDM‘, each Starfield spaceship command console (the thing you sit in front of when you’re flying it) appears to have a ‘Rage Quit’ button. At first, this might just seem like a fun nod to videogame culture. However, if you actually hold the B button (if you’re using a controller, anyway) and exit the pilot’s seat in the middle of a dogfight, you should notice the enemies will actually stop attacking you – essentially, allowing you to ‘Rage Quit’.

While some fans feel that this mechanic doesn’t make much sense – and they do have very good points – we can’t help but feel as though it’s a nice detail that gives players who are getting a little frustrated the chance to cool off before they get blown to smithereens in space.

Lol The flight console has a “Rage Quit” button!
byu/JasonTDnDDM inStarfield

One thing we would like to point out about this, though, is that if you try this yourself and you’re still blown up, it’s because it doesn’t seem to take effect while you’re actually getting out of the pilot’s seat – which can take a few seconds. So, if you’re trying to use this tactically to avoid destruction against some of the legendary Starfield ships you might come across, you’re going to need to strike preemptively and stand up a little early than you might think.

If you’re someone who has used the Starfield ship customization options to build a cargo hauler – or, just generally, a ship without many weapons – this somewhat secret mechanic could come in handy.

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If you’re something of a pirate trying to smuggle prohibited cargo into the Settled Systems and one of the populated Starfield cities, we can’t promise that this will stop you from being punished by the authorities. Although, this Starfield pirate ship will make you look the part a little more.

We know Xbox players are calling on Starfield to up the ante with boss battles in the DLC, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be as hard as possible. So, while Starfield fans want a “dramatic rework” of melee combat, one that rewards skill a little more, there is a way you can avoid death and make the space combat we’re presented with that little bit more enjoyable. You should still keep an eye on your shields, though, whether you’re using one of the best Starfield ships or otherwise.

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