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This Starfield pirate ship will shiver Constellation’s timbers

Travelling across space can be a lonely living in Starfield, but this excellent Starfield ship can transform your playthrough in a pirate's paradise.

Starfield pirate ship

The temptation to slip into the guise of space scoundrel in Starfield is extremely compelling. Smuggling strange cargo, fighting unruly gangs, and netting a tidy profit in the process – that’s a pirate’s life. And it could be for you with a little elbow grease in the Bethesda RPG, you just need to show some patience when it comes to building your Starfield ships.

We’ve all already spent countless hours exploring the deepest depths of Starfield ship building. But have you mastered it quite like Starfield player ‘waideinaround’? Pictured below is this incredible creation, taking the form of a classic pirate ship that you’d find in some of the best multiplayer games like Sea of Thieves. Though you can’t share your ship with any real-life players in the Bethesda RPG, you could station some of your favorite Starfield companions on board this mighty vessel.

Many players are already contemplating their own slice of pirate goodness, going as far to pay homage to Pirates of the Caribbean along the way. “This is brilliantly done, I love how the ion cannons actually look like broadsides. [You] bust be the worst pirate I’ve ever seen,” jokes ‘NotAllDawgsGoToHeaven’. Taking this concept one step further, others like ‘FatTail01’ wish that Starfield character creation options would allow them to hone in their pirate fantasy.

Arrr yee mateys…
byu/wadeinaround inStarfieldShips

“All I want is a damn eye patch and robot peg leg, maybe that also shoots lasers, is that too much to ask?” adds the Redditor. Though the original post doesn’t specific how to achieve this particular build, it is within the parameters of the base game’s building mechanics.

That means you won’t have to rely on the addition of Starfield Xbox mods in the future to achieve it. You just need to set some time aside to master each and every inch of Starfield ship customization.

Nevertheless, if you’re not too fussed about living the pirate life, we have got you covered. The best Starfield ships aren’t too difficult to obtain, and you’re cunning enough, you can get hold of these free Starfield ships too.

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For many Bethesda fans, Starfield is one of the best RPG games around right now, and you can get in on the fun with Starfield Game Pass options.

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