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All the new reveals from the latest Xbox Partner Preview stream

Xbox brought its third-party publishing partners together to deliver a new Xbox Partner Preview and we have a full recap for you right here.

Xbox Partner preview recap: an image of Snake from MGS3 and Saga from Alan Wake 2

Whether you’re a Series X owner or not, Xbox is bringing together new announcements and fresh reveals from its third-party development partners in a brand-new showcase format for everyone to enjoy – as quite a few of the games being shown will be available on PlayStation consoles too. Without the usual fanfare of a larger presentation, though, you might have missed something. So, if you’re looking for an Xbox Partner Preview recap, you’re in the right place.

If you’re wondering what you could be playing on your Xbox in the coming days, weeks, and months, there really is a lot on offer. From an array of new Xbox games to all the best Xbox Game Pass games already available, the selection of excellent titles is something to behold. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn about even more of them – and Xbox is well-aware of this. That’s why it’s bringing us even more news and reveals with the Xbox Partner Preview. Oh, and because it’s all about third-party games PlayStation players – as mentioned above – have a reason to tune in, too.

But, enough of all that, let’s get stuck into everything shown during the inaugural Xbox Partner Preview showcase on October 25, shall we? Here’s what was shown:

Xbox partner preview recap: an image of all the games shown on the stream

With the Alan Wake 2 release date almost upon us, Xbox and Remedy Entertainment are sharing a brand new launch trailer for – well – Alan Wake 2. As you can see below, it’s going to be a bit chaotic for both Saga and Alan – to say the least. If you’re looking for a scare, though, you don’t have to worry; Alan Wake 2 isn’t going to “hold the player’s hand” when it comes to puzzles.

YouTube Thumbnail

You can also find out when you can start playing Alan Wake 2 yourself right here. Spoiler alert, it’s really not that far away at all.

Another headline appearance for this Xbox Preview showcase was Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. With the Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth release date steadily approaching, and other games in the series some of the best RPG games we’ve ever been fortunte enough to play, any more information about this upcoming title is welcome.

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As you can see above, this game is going to feature all the chaos – and all the laughs – you know and love from the Like A Dragon and Yakuza series. However, a few aspects of it might be a little different to what you expected. A “cozy DIY lifestyle awaits” you on Dondoko Island, with crafting, interior design, and city-building all part of your vacation within a vacation. There is a bit of fighting too, though, so don’t worry.

While we wait for more information on the Ark 2 release date, the Xbox Partner Preview is also offering us a new look at Ark Survival Ascended – an improved version of Ark Survival Evolved with all the content and more. If you like hunting dinosaurs and the best survival games out there, this is surely a must-play. You can find out more about the Ark Survival Ascended release date here, and check out gameplay footage below.

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On top of all this, the showcase offered us a new look at a brand new game from Power Wash Simulator developers FuturLab. Ikaro Will Not Die is an indie hack and slash with cyberpunk vibes you won’t want to miss out on. It also looks like it’s joining the list of Xbox exclusives you can’t play anywhere else – which might make some PlayStation players sad. This looks like a lot of fun.

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We also got a new look at the gameplay you’ll be getting stuck into with Still Wakes The Deep, a first-person narrative action game with puzzles aplenty and mysteries to solve. It might struggle to get onto our list of the best horror games with titles like Alan Wake 2 on the way, but it’s coming early 2024. So, we won’t have to wait too long to find out whether it deserves a spot on that list.

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Footage from Robocop Rogue City, of which the Robocop Rogue City release date is closing in, and Dungeons of Hinterberg was also shown off. Spirit of the North 2 also got a reveal, without a release date, and it looks like much more of the same exciting fox-based adventuring as the first game offered. Manor Lords was also confirmed for PC Game Pass and console release in 2024 – a city-building strategy game worth keeping an eye on if you like your swordplay.

Xbox also brought Konami in to show Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater gameplay – our first proper look at in-engine footage. With the Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater release date still a little vague, this is a fantastic insight into how development is going. This is joined by in-engine gameplay footage from The Finals – an exciting new shooter and a title that looks like one of the best FPS games on the way. An open beta is kicking off soon, so keep an eye on the Xbox Store for that.

If you would rather watch the entire show and experience everything as Xbox intended, you can find a full stream below:

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If all of this is making you want a new Xbox or some new goodies for the Xbox you own, you can check out all the best Black Friday Xbox deals ahead of the big day right here. One of 2023’s best horror games is also coming to Xbox Game Pass very soon – and just in time for Halloween. So, if something like Alan Wake 2 has piqued your interest, you should check that out beforehand. We do think that all of this means you should check out the best Xbox expansion cards when you can. There are a lot of great games on the way and more storage space is always required.