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Get ready, here’s when you can start playing Alan Wake 2

Like you, we can't wait to dive into the next Remedy Entertainment adventure on PS5 and Xbox, and now we know when you can start playing Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 launch times xbox ps5

The wait for Alan Wake 2 hasn’t been quite as long the author’s time in the Dark Place, but it sure does feel like it. The Remedy Connected Universe expands into exciting new territory soon, and no matter whether you’re playing on PS5 or Xbox, you can head back to Bright Falls promptly. That’s because Remedy Entertainment is rolling out the Alan Wake 2 launch times for all platforms.

While the first Alan Wake game was an excellent addition to all the Xbox exclusives of the time, nearly everyone can get a piece of Alan Wake 2 action. Though it won’t appear on PS4 or Xbox One, Remedy Entertainment says in a recent social media post that “we’ll be returning to Bright Falls soon. Alan Wake 2 launches in one week. Check your case board below for launch timings.” Taking on the form of the pin board present in Saga Anderson’s ‘Mind Place’, we now know that Alan Wake 2 will be playable from 5:00 AM BST, 12:00 AM EST, and 9:00PM PST.

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated new PS5 games and new Xbox games of the year, the Alan Wake 2 release date can’t come quick enough. However, you don’t have to wait until then to hear about how the game is shaping up. The Loadout attended an Alan Wake 2 preview at Gamescom earlier this year, where creative director Sam Lake, co-director Kyle Rowley, and communication manager Thomas Puha debuted fresh footage of The Dark Place. Seeing that alone could be enough to convince you it could be one of the best horror games to release in 2023.

Alan Wake 2 launch times global xbox ps5

We managed to speak with Sam Lake too during a Q&A session, where he details the process of returning the titular character after all this time, so don’t forget to read our Alan Wake 2 Gamescom interview here. When the game does launch, there will be more to expect once the credits have rolled. Appearing recently at EGX 2023, Lake expands on the addition of previously confirmed post-launch content, as players can also expect free Alan Wake 2 DLC in the future.

It is going to be a treat to see how the Remedy Connected Universe develops, as theories surrounding Max Payne and Control continue to surround the game’s narrative. You can read about Lake taking the universe further here. We do know one thing, though, and that is right now is probably the best time to make that console purchase you’ve likely been contemplating.

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Alan Wake 2 looks like a bona fide PS5 visual delight, and it could be an ideal game to play on the new PS5 Slim model. We’re still waiting on a concrete PS5 Slim release date, but it sounds like it’ll be imminent.