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How to beat the Parade Master in Lies of P

Lies of P’s Parade Master is your first true obstacle in Krat, and so it’s imperative for PC, PS5, and PC players to know how to defeat him.

Lies of P Parade Master: The Parade Master can be seen

The Parade Master is the first boss you come across in Krat, and he sets you up for what you can expect from subsequent boss battles throughout the game. However, be you on PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC, the Parade Master serves as your first real challenge, and if you don’t defeat him, your adventure in Krat is set to meet an abrupt end.

Like with any of the other Lies of P bosses, there are some strategies to help you defeat him. Though these strategies might not be the most helpful if you don’t use one of Lies of P’ best weapons, picking the perfect weapon for you can give you an advantage in battle. There are many to choose from, and even in the early game, you can create some handle and blade combinations that make for a deadly piece of kit.

As the name implies, the Parade Master is a puppet and has gone hostile following the events leading to the puppet frenzy. As such, it’s a highly hostile creature that you face just down the road from Krat Central Station (though you need to journey down a fair few roads before unlocking the shortcut and reaching him). However, when created, the Parade Master was designed to bring happiness and laughter through singing and marching with people.

Lies of P Parade Master: The Parade Master can be seen

How to beat the Parade Master in Lies of P

The best way to defeat the Parade Master is by using the electric bombs you find in Krat before the fight, which are highly effective against him. After using a couple of those or even applying an electric abrasive to your weapon through the electric grindstone, you should inflict the shock status on him, this allows you to deal even more damage from your hits.

Additionally, you can keep an eye on his attacks and try to bait out a charge or sweeping combo. When the boss sweeps, dodge to the left until the combo is complete, then you have time to jump in for one or two hits. Should you manage to get the Parade Master to charge at you, you need to quickly dodge to either side and then charge in. If you have enough stamina left, you might be able to land an entire combo, depending on the weapon you’re using.

If you keep taking your chances and make good use of the electric items you found on your way here, you should also be able to stagger the Parade Master. Doing so allows you to land a deadly stagger attack that will put a big dent in the boss’ health bar. Don’t get too greedy, pick your punches, and the Parade Master will be a problem of the past. Or will he?

Lies of P Parade Master: P can be seen fighting the Parade Master

What do you get for beating the Parade Master?

The Parade Master is the first boss to drop a special ergo, the Parade Leader’s ergo, which you can trade into Alidoro to get either a new weapon or a new amulet. For the weapon, you can get the seven-coil spring sword (a great sword suitable for a motility build). As for the amulet, you can get the dancing one’s amulet, this enables dodging even with low stamina.

However, do be aware that both of these items are heavy and are sure to make a big dent in your weight load in the early game.

While Lies of P’s Parade Master is a challenge initially, it’s fairly easy to overcome him. The true purpose of this boss is to prepare you for the rest of the puppet bosses. The boss following on from the Parade Master is Lies of P’s Mad Donkey, a Stalker that offers a challenge of a different kind. If this challenging gameplay sounds too much then check out some of our choices for the Lies of P best builds to use.