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New look at PS5 Access controller reveals Logitech adaptive gaming kit

Sony shares a fresh look at the Access controller, giving PS5 owners an insight into the controller's specifications and accessible packaging design.

PS5 Access Controller

Previously known under the codename ‘Leonardo’, Sony shared plans to “create a gaming experience without barriers” back in May, and now the technology magnate offers a brand-new look at the PS5 Access controller. Alongside an expanded look at the controller and its specifications, Sony also gives PS5 owners a look at the accessible packaging that the Access controller is housed within.

Set for release on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, Sony expresses that for PS5 players “the accessible experience starts from the moment you start unboxing the product.” The Access controller’s box design can be opened with one hand, as “the Access controller’s packaging features convenient loops that can be pulled from the left or right side, and additional loops on the inside to help you open the boxes and slide the controller out easily.”

Furthermore, the Access controller’s packaging is equipped with “interior features slots that conveniently organize the various kit components – including 19 interchangeable button caps and 3 stick caps – in a single layer for easy identification and access.” Allowing players versatile setups and comfortable experience, the interchange button caps offer different shapes and textures too. Players can also “lengthen or shorten the control stick’s extension arm”, according to the controller’s official PlayStation retail listing.

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PS5 access controller packaging

On bringing the Access controller to fruition, the recent blog details that over the course of five years, Sony “evolved the Access controller’s design through half a dozen design concepts and prototypes, engaging in countless insightful discussions with accessibility experts and community play testers with disabilities.” Ultimately, the goal of creating the Access controller is offering an “innovative design that’s adaptable to the needs of a wide array of players.”

As players dive into new PS5 games, accompanying the Access controller is the Logitech adaptive gaming kit, which Sony describes is part of an initiative to aid the “spectrum of diverse needs within the accessibility community.” Developed in collaboration between the SIE team and Logitech, the adaptive gaming kit comes with the following features:

PS5 access controller logitech adaptive gaming kit

  • 8 plug-and-play buttons and triggers, including two small buttons and two large buttons that feature gaming-grade mechanical switches, two light-touch buttons, and two variable trigger controls. Easily configure them on your PS5 console to suit your gaming needs
  • Firm gaming mats with a hook and loop system that let you freely lay out buttons and triggers to fit your unique needs
  • Velcro ties to maximize mounting options, such as attaching buttons and triggers to objects like arm rests
  • Custom stick-on labels of PS5 symbols, so you can easily mark your buttons and triggers for seamless gameplay

A January 2024 release window will bring the adaptive gaming kit to players, one month after the Access is available. Undoubtedly one of the best PS5 controllers created by Sony to bring its community together, you can pair it with other accessories like the best PS5 headsets currently available.