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Spider-Man 2 star reacts to Insomniac including iconic Marvel villain

The roster of Spider-Man 2 villains has some iconic enemies within it, and now Yuri Lowenthal reacts to Insomniac including one of the most epic Marvel foes.

Spider-man 2 yuri lowenthal venom reaction

The wait is almost over for Spider-Man 2, as the time to be greater approaches PS5 owners. Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be staring down some serious threats amid the list of Spider-Man 2 villains, including The Lizard and Kraven The Hunter. Ahead of the game’s arrival, voice actor Yuri Lowenthal reveals his reaction to Insomniac Games deciding to add Venom into the latest Marvel adventure.

Speaking to Collider before the Spider-Man 2 release date, Lowenthal describes his reaction upon learning Tony Todd would portray Venom: “[creative director] Bryan Intihar comes up to me […] he pulled out his phone, and he pressed play, and I heard Tony’s voice. It was just a couple of lines, and one of them was definitely the iconic ‘We are Venom.'” With no prior knowledge that the Candyman star would be joining the game’s production, Lowenthal is star struck.

“My jaw dropped open […] he’s like, ‘I know, right? I think we’re getting Tony Todd for Venom.’ And I said, ‘Well, now you have to because this is all I want.'” Easily one of the most recognizable additions to all the Spider-Man 2 villains, the mystery of Venom’s place within the story has Marvel fans intrigued to deep dig into one of the new PS5 games arriving soon.

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Traditionally, rival Daily Bugle reporter Eddie Brock has become bonded with the Symbiote, with the 90s animated show providing one of the best portrayals to watch. Even Peter Parker’s bully, Flash Thompson, has crossed paths with it and taken up the mantle of Agent Venom in the comics. So, it leaves us just one question for potentially one of the best PS5 games in 2023: who is Venom?

We’re eager to see how the rest of the Spider-Man 2 characters factor in Peter’s entanglement with the Symbiote, especially as it amplifies the darker characteristics of its host. Will we be dancing like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3? Unfortunately not, because Lowenthal confirms that isn’t in the game. Referencing his appearance at San Diego Comic Con, Lowenthal says that “I had to do it. I had to do it. We didn’t put it in the game, so I had to make sure that you guys had it.”

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At least you can use the Sam Raimi style Symbiote suit in-game. If you’ve got your Spider-Man 2 pre-orders confirmed, you can access several exclusive Spider-Man 2 suits.