Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 on PS5?

After confirmation that the iconic antagonist behind the symbiote isn’t Eddie Brock, many are wondering who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 on PS5.

With the symbiote taking a major role in the upcoming PS5 exclusive, there’s only one remaining question left on many players’ minds: Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 on PS5? The character behind the monstrous Venom is usually Eddie Brock, but with Insomniac Games confirming that isn’t the case, who else could it be?

Before we can swing around New York City on the Spider-Man 2 PS5 release date, we’re going to take a few guesses on who could be the ultimate villain in what is likely to be one of the best PS5 games so far. Considering there are plenty of Spider-Man 2 characters we already know of, there are a few assumptions we can make.

Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 on PS5?

The most likely candidate for Venom is Harry Osborn, thanks to a recent story trailer for the game. However, there are a few other characters who could possibly take the mantle, including Norman Osborn, Kraven, and Eddie Brock.

We’ve already had our guesses before in our Spider-Man 2 Venom suspects feature, but we’re going to go over a couple of ideas here too.

Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 PS5: Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 2 story trailer

Harry Osborn

Considering that the Marvel’s Spider-Man post-credits scene, as well as the Miles Morales post-credits, point to Harry Osborn joining up with the symbiote, we imagine he’s at the top of most people’s suspect list.

The son of Norman Osborn, who eventually becomes Green Goblin, Harry is an old friend of Peter’s and MJs in the Insomniac Games’ storyline, both of which believe that Harry is traveling Europe. However, due to a terminal disease, Harry’s father is actually keeping his son in a test tube alongside the Venom symbiote.

Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 PS5: Kraven in Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay reveal


The greatest hunter that there is, Kraven has been trying to prove he is the best of the best for years in the comics. However, he makes his Insomniac Games debut in Spider-Man 2, and it’s possible that he could become Venom in an attempt to prove he can take on the various heroes and villains of New York.

Considering Kraven’s strength and speed, having the symbiote attached to him would make for an interesting version of Venom. However, Kraven has been Venom before, ruining Insomnic Games’ quote of saying that this will be a new story that hasn’t been done in the comics or the movies.

Who is Venom in Spider-Man 2 PS5: Norman Osborn in Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4

Norman Osborn

Everyone is expecting Norman Osborn to take his iconic mantle of Green Goblin, especially considering that it was seen in the first game that Osborn was working on the Green Goblin tech, but what if Norman becomes Venom?

Hear us out: during the events of the game, Osborn’s obsession with having everything, including Spider-Man’s powers, forces him to take on the symbiote himself (which is why he removes the symbiote from Harry’s test tube). However, after Norman dies during a fight with Peter and Miles, Harry takes on the mantle of Green Goblin to get revenge on our wall-crawling team.

Norman has never taken on the Venom symbiote, however, he has joined with the Carnage symbiote to become the brutal Red Goblin in the comics. It’s completely possible that Insomniac would take cues from that storyline but give it a Venomized twist.

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Eddie Brock

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A superhero game based on an iconic character creates a “new and original story” or character as a villain for their game, but it ends up being someone we already knew about in an attempt to make it seem unique. That’s literally what happened with Batman Arkham Knight.

It’s entirely possible that Insomniac Games is taking a unique approach to Venom, but the marketing almost seems like Arkham Knight, which famously created the titular Arkham Knight as a villain who ended up behind Jason Todd, a character popular in the comics.

Eddie Brock becoming Venom wouldn’t be too shocking, considering that Venom and Eddie are (ironically) synonymous with each other. However, with the hype surrounding Venom’s true identity, it would be disappointing if Eddie is the man behind the symbiotic mask.

While we don’t know who Venom is in Spider-Man 2 PS5, we’re still excited for the upcoming game. Make sure to take a look at the other Spider-Man 2 villains who are appearing in the game, as well as the Spider-Man 2 suits you can wear as you swing through the city.