Spider-Man 2 confirms ‘Bully Maguire’ is heading to New York City

One of the best on-screen costumes joins the Spider-Man 2 suits list, as Tobey Maguire's iconic Spider-Man 3 suit will be available for PS5 players to use.

Spider-Man 2 suits tobey maguire

Our favorite webhead has donned some weird and wonderful costumes over the years, but Spider-Man 2 is set to include one of the best suits from the big screen. Forget about the MCU’s Tom Holland, forget about Andrew Garfield for a second. Tobey Maguire‘s iconic Spider-Man 3 suit will be available when the Spider-Man 2 release date arrives.

A quick moment in the new Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer debuts the Spider-Man 3 suit, which appears to also use Insomniac Games’ iteration of Spider-Man’s robotic arms. The Spider-Man 2 suits roster contains over 65 suits, spread across Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Furthermore, there are around 200 shader combinations to sift through, giving most of the game’s different variants to choose from. With this in mind, it is possible that the red and blue version of the Sam Raimi-era costume could return in the upcoming sequel, too.

Brought to life by costume designer James Acheson in the Sam Raimi trilogy, the Symbiote suit from Spider-Man 3 is just as iconic as the original suit itself. Who knew that turning the already impeccable costume black would make it more agile and badass? Well, now you can live out your ‘Bully Maguire’ fantasy in New York City. Sadly, you won’t be able to pull off those superb dance moves.

Spider-Man 2 suits tobey maguire black suit

The Bully Maguire meme originated after the release of Spider-Man 3, as Marvel fans created fan edits centered around Peter Parker’s attitude under the influence of the Symbiote. Not the combat side of it, though. We’re talking about the street dancing, piano playing, flirty version of Peter Parker that appears in the later half of the Sam Raimi sequel. Maguire’s dancing has become legendary in itself, going to be parodied recently in Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse.

Some of the best edits put Bully Maguire into other movies, including those set in the MCU, before Maguire officially reprised his role as Peter Parker in Spider-Man No Way Home. If you ever wished he had appeared in Avengers Endgame to defeat Thanos, then you can see that come to fruition below courtesy of ‘Matan Animation Studios’.

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Aside from getting updated with Spidey’s latest adventure, there are new and familiar faces to meet too, so here are all the Spider-Man 2 characters you need to be aware of. If you want some exclusive suits to accompany Bully Maguire, then we recommend looking into the Spider-Man 2 pre-order options.