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New FC 24 players don’t have long to claim this free Haaland for FUT

FC 24 players can get their hands on a strange new Erling Haaland player item for free, but they don't have long to make sure they get it.

FC 24 free Haaland founders: an image of Erling with the eyebrow raised emoji

If you’re new to EA Sports’ FC 24 (or you’re on the fence about buying it) and you want to bolster your Ultimate Team squad right off the bat, you really do need to jump into the game as soon as you can. You don’t have long to earn this new free Founders Haaland card in FC 24  – you really do only have a matter of days to make sure you’re eligible. It might not be Haaland in full force, but it’s still worth picking up.

EA Sports’ FC 24 is one of the best soccer games available right now and there’s a lot of fun to be had – as always – when it comes to FC 24 Ultimate Team. This mode has been a staple in the developer’s FIFA series for some time now, and it’s back with a bang in this year’s rebranded experience. We know you may already be aware that you’re close to missing out on these sweet FC 24 Founders status rewards, but EA Sports is now also throwing you an exclusive Haaland player item – if you make yourself eligible. With Manchester City’s Erling Haaland boasting one of the highest FC 24 ratings, making sure you can get him for free is a no-brainer.

So, in order to make sure you’re eligible for this free Haaland card, you just need to make sure you have played FC 24 by November 1, 2023. That means, you have until Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at 11:59 PST to hop into a game. We know there are some great new PS5 games and new Xbox games out there right now, but if you don’t do this then you won’t be able to get him for free. It’s that simple.

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Although, there is something you should know about this version of Haaland – something quite unusual and not anything we’ve seen EA Sports do with an Ultimate Team item before.

As you can see in this promotional image, the free version of Haaland you get is actually going to be worse than his base gold – which is currently valued at around 190,000 coins, according to FUTWIZ. We don’t know the specific stats just yet, so he could still be one of the best FC 24 strikers available, but this version of him is only 87 OVR – the regular base version is 91 OVR, as a comparison.

FC 24 free Haaland founders: an image of all the free items you can get

Does this make the Founders Haaland SBC fodder? Well, perhaps, but the fact that this is free still makes it worthwhile. When you’re looking for the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs, players with 87 OVR and up can cost you quite a bit if you’re not careful. So, being able to add one to your squad for free is far from a bad thing.

This Haaland will be made available on December 10, 2023 – according to EA Sports – to everyone who makes themselves eligible. This is a little ways away, yet; so, regular players will probably be able to get their hands on a striker who’s just as good – if not better – by then. That doesn’t mean you can’t go after the best FC 24 CAM options or best FC 24 wingers in the meantime, though. Whether you end up using this Founders Haaland or not, your strikers need support and filling these roles with good players should help with that.

It may also be worth checking you’re using the best FC 24 settings options and one of the best FC 24 formations before your next game. There are a lot of ways you can improve without actually adding new players to your existing squad.