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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons update makes them better than ever before

Get yourself a party together and go exploring Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons, as the latest Blizzard RPG update makes them less daunting to conquer.

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons update

Once you’ve blitzed your way through the main Diablo 4 campaign, you might be looking for a new challenge. It really doesn’t get much harder than diving into one of the many Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons, which will test everything you know about the Blizzard Entertainment RPG. A new update is live for the game, bringing some excellent changes with it.

It is one of the toughest and best RPG games of the year, but the endgame of Diablo 4 doesn’t have to be too daunting, especially when you’ve read our Diablo 4 class tier list and have gathered a merry band of warriors together. Nightmare Dungeons are an endgame level activity to participate in, and Blizzard is making them way more approachable for players. Such changes in the recent patch notes include:

  • Expedited the demon slaying process as Nightmare Sigils now teleports you directly into the Nightmare Dungeon
  • Avoided some players not getting Nightmare Sigils from Dungeons that have no final boss, Nightmare Sigils are now rewarded upon completing a Nightmare Dungeon instead of final boss defeat
  • Objectives have been removed from some Dungeons, only defeating the boss is needed to defeat the Nightmare Dungeon

These quality-of-life improvements streamline the process of completing Nightmare Dungeons, while also fixing bugs like the aforementioned ‘no final boss’ issue. We’re happy to see that actually navigating Nightmare Dungeons has improved too, as we can often find ourselves lost in the depths of a bloodbath along the way. The developer expresses it achieves this by “massively reduced backtracking by placing all dungeon objectives on the critical path of a dungeon, making them much harder to miss by taking a wrong turn.”

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Additionally, players will find that “any dungeon layouts have been redesigned”, alongside refinements to Traps too: “[We’ve] improved the overall readability of Traps by enhancing their overall visual effects and reducing their crowd control.” The density of monsters in Nightmare Dungeons increases too, giving players a more definitive sense of urgency, rather than exploring for long stretches without a fight.

Though you probably have an amazing Diablo 4 build ready to go, there are some stages to consider, if you haven’t started approaching Nightmare Dungeons. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Finish the main Diablo 4 campaign
  • Conquer the Capstone dungeon
  • Progress up to World Tier 3 
  • Locate a Nightmare Dungeon sigil in Sanctuary
  • Use a Nightmare Dungeon sigil to turn any dungeon into a Nightmare version

Now you’re all set to take advantage of these improvements. The changes to Nightmare Dungeons are the latest in a long line of tweaks to Diablo 4, including this nifty overhaul for Diablo 4 Renown Rewards.