June 2024 Archive

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PS5 hero shooter Concord slapped with same price tag as Helldivers 26 June 2024
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PS Summer Game Fest sale shaves 60% off complete Kingdom Hearts bundle5 June 2024
New Honkai Star Rail character Yunli is a prodigal swordmaster on PS55 June 2024
MW3 Season 4’s strangest camo is locked away for Discord users5 June 2024
PS6 release date window and latest news4 June 2024
Xbox Game Pass removes foul-mouthed service record breaker this month4 June 2024
Ronaldo-backed EA FC challenger UFL gets open beta this weekend4 June 2024
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The Just Cause movie will rip if it leans on Fast & Furious' nonsense2 June 2024
The Finals fixes wildly broken wall-hacks exploit in new update1 June 2024
You could pre-order Silent Hill 2, or get James’ jacket for $1201 June 2024
Battlefield 2042’s sweaty new Future Strike mode leaves in 9 days1 June 2024
Hogwarts Legacy summer update celebrates huge Harry Potter milestone1 June 2024