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Exomecha release date and latest news

Find out all you need to know about TwistedRed's promising Exomecha, which has been missing in action for years now.

 TwistedRed’s Exomecha has reportedly been delayed indefinitely following the game missing its planned release date after a delay.

When is the Exomecha release date? Exomecha was a free-to-play online competitive shooter from TwistedRed that took place on a fictional planet called Omecha. In the promised game, you’d take to the battlefield in your own personalised mech where you would be expected to fight over the planet’s resources and destroy the enemy team.

The game looked a little bit like Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and Crysis all rolled into one linear Transformers plot, and it sure looked exciting. Unfortunately, with no new information on the game in years, it’s likely that Exomecha has been silently canceled during development. Nevertheless, here’s everything we do know about TwistedRed’s planned Exomecha release date and gameplay.

Exomecha release date

Exomecha is now delayed indefinitely. The Exomecha release date was originally planned for August 2021 before then being delayed to the first quarter of 2022. However, the developer, TwistedRed, has been silent on the future of the project.

With its original date having been and gone, and no new details about the game since, it seems likely that Exomecha was cancelled during development.

Nevertheless, if TwistedRed finally delivers an update on the promising title, we’ll update this guide right away. For now, though, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting Exomecha anytime soon, if at all.

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Exomecha trailer

You can watch Exomecha’s first trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase above. It shows off what looked like Battlefield 4 and Titanfall-style gunplay set in a futuristic landscape with vehicles, long-range rifles, and melee weapons all in play.

It also gave a glimpse of some pretty hefty mechs going head to head on a battlefield, as well as a robotic dragon which laid waste to everything in its path.

The second trailer, released in March 2021 as part of the ID@Xbox showcase, showed off more of the high-octane gunplay we saw in the first trailer. We also got a glimpse of the game’s vehicles (cars, tanks, helicopters, and boats) and abilities like zip lines to exoskeleton jumps.

It’s clear the game’s maps were created with flanking in mind. Early on in the second trailer, we saw players using a series of underwater tunnels to flank their opponents, which proved to be pretty deadly when combined with abilities.

You can watch that trailer below.

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Exomecha gameplay

Players were thrown into a planet called Omecha in Exomecha where they would have to fight to take control of the planet’s valuable resources across three different game modes. While the world you experienced would be pretty natural at first, the planet would evolve over time, creating unpredictable environments to fight over.

You would be able to control your own personalised mech, which would be equipped with both long-range guns and giant melee weapons. While it looked tempting to play the long game and opt for the game’s guns, it’s worth noting that the melee weapons caused the highest damage in the game – so you’d need to go toe to toe for some fights.

There were also planned to be gadgets and abilities to equip as you spend time in Omecha. A grappling hook would be available for players, but there was also going to be a number of defensive and movement abilities to use.

And finally, if you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll know there was a dragon in the game too. Well, that dragon was AI-controlled and it wreaked havoc for both teams – but there was a reward if you could take it down.

Exomecha modes

Exomecha was planned to ship with three game modes, but that was pretty much all the developer revealed. One would have focused on large-scale team battles, one would be a specialised battle royale mode, and the last one would be a small objective-based game mode.

Exomecha release date: Two large mechs fighting with smaller soldiers running in-between them.

Exomecha platforms

Exomecha was planned to be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. Cross-play was expected to be enabled so you could play with your friends no matter what platform you were all playing on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone is getting their hands on Exomecha, however.

Exomecha beta

TwistedRed revealed that it had plans for an Exomecha beta. However, with the game seemingly canceled, it’s very unlikely a beta will ever come.

There you have it. That’s everything there is to know about the ill-fated Exomecha. With a promising setting and gameplay features, it’s certainly at least a little disappointing that Exomecha is missing in action.