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Huge 80% Madden 24 discount arrives in PS Store sale before Madden 25

If you’re looking forward to Madden 25 then this new PS Store sale lets you pick up Madden 24 for dirt cheap right now on PS4 and PS5.

New PS Store sale: An image of a football player in Madden 24 and the PlayStation logo.

The hype for the next era of football games from EA Sports is palpable, as Madden 25 and EA Sports College Football could be certified bangers. While Madden 25 isn’t here just yet, a new PS Store sale has arrived, and you can get prepared for EA Sports’ new title early. How? By nabbing this massive discount on Madden 24 right now.

We all love a bargain, especially at this time of year when Gamescom is around the corner, and we’re celebrating all the new PS5 games on the horizon, like Madden 25. Sony is kicking off its mid-year sale, and one of the biggest discounts within it has been applied to one of the best sports games around for football fans. Currently, Madden 24 is available for just $13.99/£13.99, drastically reducing its price from the staggering standard price tag of $69.99/£69.99. That’s a huge 80% saving that you can take advantage of, but you’ll need to act fast if you’re eager to nab it.

That’s because this discount will be removed from the PS Store on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, giving you a little over a week to add Madden 24 to your PS4 or PS5 library. What makes this particular version of the game an absolute dynamite deal is that you get both versions of the hit EA Sports title. So, if you’re looking for some multiplayer game mode fun on last-gen hardware, you can get stuck in without having to fork out for another copy of the game.

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Like most EA Sports games, Madden 24 is another showcase of sturdy mechanics, impressively sweaty visuals, and co-op game style fun along the way. That’s all underpinned by the wicked Madden 24 soundtrack, which will keep your head bobbing while you put your team together and head toward Superbowl glory.

Getting your hands on Madden 24 now will likely set you up for success on the field in Madden 25, which recently just revealed its first trailer. In the new trailer below, EA Sports shows off the fresh innovations like Boom Tech, an all-new system that will enhance your performance like never before.

According to the developer, it explains in the trailer’s description that this is will introduce a “dynamic physics-based tackling system that lets you dominate the gridiron like a bonafide NFL superstar.”

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In related news, you can also get your EA Sports College Football pre-orders locked in, and if you’re looking for something more soccer flavored, then the recent response to EA FC rival UFL may surprise you.

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