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This is not a drill, Valorant is coming to Xbox and PS5 this year

After years of waiting, Riot Games has finally announced that a Valorant console beta for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is just around the corner.

Valorant console: Reyna holding up a gun wearing her dark purple outfit, and a first-person shot of someone firing a pistol

Four years on from its debut, Riot Games’ tactical hero shooter Valorant is finally arriving on PS5 and Xbox. It was a long old wait, but we made it! A Limited Beta for the Valorant console port will be arriving in just a week’s time on June 14, with the full launch of the game slated for some time later this year.

There have been rumblings about a Valorant Xbox and PS5 port ever since the game first dropped on PC in 2020. Riot’s never shied away from the fact it was exploring other platforms, but never divulged any concrete info about what it was up to. Well, now we know, thanks to Riot’s announcement today during Summer Game Fest 2024 Live.

The FPS game’s console beta will span both platforms, but be warned – as a Limited Beta, it is invite-only. You can sign up here, but there’s not guarantee you’ll get a key to take part. My personal prediction is that a proper open beta will follow in a couple months time before the game fully launches, but for now, your fate is in Riot’s hands.

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One very important thing to note for both new arrivals on console and existing Valorant fans on PC is that crossplay will only be enabled between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S – console players will not be in the same matches or ranked leaderboards as PC players. Your account progression is shared though, meaning aspects like your account level, currencies, weapon skins, and battle passes can carry over between all platforms.

It’s also worth noting that there is a huge benefit for those playing on Xbox. Back in 2022, Riot revealed it was teaming up with Xbox Game Pass to give players of games like League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and of course Valorant some incredible benefits. In Valorant’s case, all of the game’s agents are unlocked, so you don’t have to gradually unlock characters using XP you’ve grinded for. While for two years now these benefits have only applied to those on PC Game Pass, Xbox players can now enjoy them too.

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As a free shooting game it’s obviously not going to be joining the Xbox Game Pass games list, but getting all of these agents as part of your sub is just as much of a bargain.

So, if the gods are on your side, you could be lining up the best Valorant crosshairs on an unsuspecting opponent this time next week. Exciting stuff. Given its pedigree, wealth of content, and the general might of Riot Games, I do wonder what this’ll mean for PS5 exclusive hero shooter Concord. I already shared Aaron’s concerns about the game when it was revealed recently, and now having to go up against a juggernaut like Valorant makes its job even more difficult.

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