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Palworld PS5 future teased by not-so-cryptic community manager tweet

The Palworld PS5 port may be arriving sooner rather than later if this teaser tweet from the survival game's community manager, Bucky, materializes.

Palworld PS5 tease Bucky: a purple fox-like pal next to the PlayStation logo

Palworld has had a solid run as an Xbox exclusive so far. It took the world by storm when it launched into early access in January, providing long-suffering Pokémon fans and survival game aficionados with a colorful, pal-filled sandbox that also just so happened to allow you to kit your adorable critters out with freaking guns. Well, with the game’s Sakurajima update inbound, and player numbers (unsurprisingly) down drastically since launch, the time is ripe for the Palworld PS5 port to be let loose. And community manager ‘Bucky’ seems to have gotten ahead of their employer when it comes to teasing it.

While PlayStation is notoriously strict when it comes to allowing early access titles onto its platform, the publisher does occasionally do so on a seemingly case-by-case basis. Fellow survival game Ark Survival Ascended launched into early access towards the end of last year. Meanwhile, this month new PS5 game Slime Rancher 2 was welcomed.

Considering how big of a hit Palworld is, as well as Pocketpair CEO Takura Mizobe’s previous comments on Palworld going multiplatform, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it arrive on PS5.

Palworld PS5 tease Bucky: Bucky's tweet

Bucky’s X post from June 22 certainly seems to indicate this is the case. The first part of the CM’s message has ‘Palworld’ surrounded by a green (Xbox), black (PC), and white (Mac) heart, possibly representing the three platforms it’s currently on. After musing on which color to add next, Bucky finally settles on a blue heart – it’s hard to imagine they’re alluding to anything else but a potential Palworld PS5 port.

Though the media embargo for Sakurajima is now down, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of immediate announcement of the port from Pocketpair. To be honest, I’m not surprised considering the new Palworld update is only just bringing dedicated servers to one of the best Xbox Game Pass games you can nab right now. I can imagine the devs will want to make sure the new stack can handle the onslaught of returning players hoping to check out its Japanese-themed expansion.

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There’s also the question of crossplay between consoles if and when a PS5 port materializes. Palworld only has limited support as is, as PC players on Xbox and Steam still can’t play with each other. As such, there are some major technical limitations Pocketpair will have to navigate before it can confidently open the floodgates for PS5 players.

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