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MultiVersus Black Adam release date rumours, class, gameplay

Want to know when the MultiVersus Black Adam release date is? Here's when you can play the DC Comics antihero, as well as what class he will be in the game

multiversus black adam release date antihero in action

MultiVersus has taken the world by storm, with its Smash Bros-like gameplay and cast of on-brand characters. Even though the game is only still technically in Season 1, we’ve had confirmation of MultiVersus Black Adam release date.

The classic DC Comics antihero just got his own movie, so fans will be glad to know the antihero is now going to be a playable character in the fighting game release date rolls around.

MultiVersus Black Adam release date speculation

Black Adam will be released on November 1, 2022. This news was confirmed in the MultiVersus patch notes.

He will join the game, alongside Arcade Mode, and a bunch of buffs and nerfs for characters.

MultiVersus Black Adam class and gameplay

Unfortunately, Black Adam’s class hasn’t been announced yet. However, we theorise that Black Adam might be a Bruiser because of his physical prowess. This would mean he would play similarly to a character like Batman, with a lot of damage and strength.

We are yet to see the gameplay of Black Adam and his actual moveset, but Warner Bros. usually releases gameplay trailers of its latest characters before they come out. They did this with Rick & Morty and Gizmo, so we expect a video showing Black Adam gameplay to be released soon.

We will update this section as soon as we have confirmation of the new hero’s class and when we’ve seen Black Adam in action.

That’s everything we know about the MultiVersus Black Adam release date, as well as information on his class and gameplay. For more fighting game action, read our MultiVersus classes and tier list guides to find out the best characters to play and what classes they are in.