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The Finals fixes wildly broken wall-hacks exploit in new update

You can run around The Finals safely now as Embark Studios fixes an annoying wall-hacks style exploit ruining PS5 and Xbox matches.

The Finals update: An image of a medium and light contestant in The Finals.

Evading gunfire and explosions makes you feel like an action hero in The Finals, but we’ve all faced eliminations that felt a little off. It almost feels like your opponent can see through walls or sense your every movie without error. A new The Finals update is live now across PS5 and Xbox platforms, and it puts an irritating exploit to rest ahead of The Finals Season 3

For context, if you’ve been playing The Finals recently, whether you’re completing the new community event or dominating in Terminal Attack, it has been possible to track players beyond pure skill. Pinging an opponent’s location would persist longer than normal in Embark’s FPS game, and often continue through surfaces at a considerable distance. Landing a hit on these enemies resulted in even more unfair advantages, as their health bar would remain displayed, emulating the same effect of wall-hacks. Now, Embark clarifies that the following issues have been rectified in the game’s latest hotfix update:

  • Fixed Aim Assist to prevent tracking enemy contestants through objects such as walls, terrain, etc
  • Reverted a change that removed directional weapon binding for controller
  • Fixed enemy healthbars persisting on screen longer than intended, as well as being visible through walls/terrain
  • Fixed an issue where players could not track contracts in rookie/challenger/pro/master circuits
  • Fixed the incorrect message displayed when an account is restricted from playing
  • Removed an exploit where animation canceling allowed certain weapons, such as FAMAS, Throwing Knives, R93, to be fired at a much higher rate than intended
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This update could see a reduction in the amount of unexpected bans that the multiplayer game has been facing recently. However, some of these may be related to a current issue in Ranked Leagues, where frustrated players are falsely reporting teammates just because they’re idling or AFK. I know, it’s really annoying when you’re trying to clutch up a win in Ranked and one player isn’t pulling their weight. But bans may be a step too far.

Aside from the dispelling of the unfair aiming advantages, this update is good news for those of you getting absolutely shredded by Throwing Knives following their recent buff. The speed reduction for deploying them should tip the scales back in your favor, but don’t underestimate their power in a close-quarters battle. Now that things are back to normal in The Finals, there’s plenty to be excited about as Season 3 approaches.

The Masters Circuit’s final challenges are available now, and this amazing AKM skin is worth the grind. Trust me, it is all I’ve been using since unlocking it. We reckon that the first look at Season 3 will be shown at Summer Game Fest, as Embark teases that a “full reboot” is coming to the shooter.

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In related news, an ongoing easter egg hunt in The Finals has made a major step forward, but you’ll need to piece it together with this dolphin-themed part too.

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